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Shape their lives and be more successful more online at Kaufman dot org and the listeners and members of Huey de public radio rest of today bay area, partly to mostly sunny, some clearing along the coast. Some of that fog will return again late tonight and overnight for the Sacramento valley. Lots of sunshine warmer temperatures highs today around the Sacramento valley, eighty two to eighty eight degrees. From NPR WBZ, Chicago. This is wait. Wait, don't tell me the NPR news quiz. Hey thanos. Forget the 0 stones listen to my 0 tone. I'm Bill Curtis. And here's your host at the auditory downtown, Chicago, Peter Sagaing. Today. Later on. We're going to be talking to Laird Hamilton, legendary surfer fitness model lifestyle and exercise guru, basically his job is to be cooler than you. But I wanted to commemorate the third anniversary of one of the greatest events in the PR history on April twenty eighth 2016. Take your child to work day. A child reached out on a door little finger pushed a button. And took NPR off the air during morning edition, it sounded a little bit like this. Jeffrey Katzenberg will stay behind her DreamWorks to work on. That silence. Lasted for seventy three seconds. Which is a period of time that we in the radio business call forever. But due to the popular response to this event. NPR has created the new corporate holiday, which we celebrated this past week. Leave your damn child at home. Anyway, we really want to hear your voice. So give us a call the numbers one triple eight, wait wait that's one eight nine two four eight nine two four now. Let's welcome. Our first listener contested..

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