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Sequel passing the torch, so to speak. So there you go. Scream five, when people are asking about the Red Hood animated movie that I made, it makes reference to this death and the families a prequel to your Red hood animated movie that you have now. S Oh, it's a prequel. So watch him in order. Traffic, please. Yeah. If there were any, but I don't see any. And nobody sent anything. I think that just means everything's flowing along nicely. So that your traffic brought to you by injured in an accident. Everyone deserves an advocate Khaleda. 1355 55. 50 or go to Utah advocates dot com. All right, we do have for you coming up boner fights to determine who is boner of the day. Stand by for that. We've got also Teladoc coming up. Yes, Dr. Cobble will be looking at Gina's bug bite because it's really disgusting. Yeah, it's horrible and I will get a hopefully tell a diagnosis happening here at x 96 dot com slash life. Join us for that big o tires. You save up to Ah, 150 bucks right now on a set of four Big O brand tires threw the 23rd. I was a little worried about my Viggo tire store on second East and South Temple. I had a flat tire on my car and I so I took well had Triple A take the tire off. And I took it down to them, and they fixed it with no problem, but I said they had a fire down there, and I said You guys were okay. And they said, Oh, yeah, It was just we were back open in a day or two. There are lots of locations of Vigo tires 42 across the Wasatch Front with Mohr Americans taking road trips this summer, and you are among them, aren't you? You need to stop by your local big go and make sure that your car is ready for a road trip Getting inspected. Get make sure all the alignment is safe and the brakes are.

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