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Toshi eighty. She only Darren hit you Donnelly connections. Eight. Kosh? So you initially hidden issue. One dollars year town on the team. Yeah. Especially initially today show, so doored doors, not individually show once since will he coins? Over. So that will sound JoAnne. Seashore. Tissue into Michelle Obama Kuwait. Appeals only Llosa Salem, who's angry or Miyako superior or meals USA ramping. Can't you because this your whole way Gumbo? So he's some don't she quit the hall telephones who are us own that should while you're gone. Hongkong because. Jonquil wise to appeal now when the meal to be about each in say. Shanghai night. And so you also now so that is what could wait till she didn't sound saw. John Pinson doubt you what touches what's the needs. How did she show? So initial Chumpol creates transferred the halio, though, Sodhi is what's that Taiwan is show. And she was she does this house. Hold. So that you made me and ball these own football Bamian by those only sound good, bald a new piece or is dollars. Yeah. Is she was in the Seattle. It's always what's hundreds. Hey, jeeze, Cimpian debts and don't she know what you don't donate opium shit. So he will she's happy sad as a whole meal. Young though, she sued truly made me. Hello. How was so it's open does its own found might town throughout that. Who is not so pin those you'll sound Eka tension. So just tell you. Don't you treat ourselves on Sundays it city? So you don't she's now you see sorta toe fat that issues Powell to Choo Choo chew. Gosh, she a negotia whole to hung you couldn't get Judah. So the always year sound far the just to. Hundred ways. So. They tell me again. They thirteen the hatchet cle- tonight. Issue. It's she what is she? She didn't. So he just don't make sound. To you. You'll show his sagacious on the fuck were. Now, they do. So dent home how how million weeding it washes Ninian to sue just downs. It's in shoe. Donny janis. You'll how we could we show wishing she there. She negative issue out. I shouldn't be in lights or issue. Attention. Official shut up shop you associate you with Judah Henshaw. We nego- Nazem go while. Okay. You. Also tanker shop. We she. Sure. The Mojo land, you should tissue following John's than Lynn. Should just say shoe the lid on. She's too young concerns. She says ROY. Hiddensee anti. She is she to your show. Valerie. So we Twitter Concord's away. We'll we city she she's showing up at that gets. So it sort of she's untouched to not agile. Lynne's. How? The how would you wouldn't have sore or shall I announce hey today to appeal? No way. So the fouled holy shit the show Canosa that's much longer than channel. Those is Hong. Creed had catch on. Not the cafe tone, the titles leading co who I see much change. Becomes? Okay quasi. Trump's was so down the echo Tinson gun told. How would you choose? Which are things John show. See how it's good. We'll be out for two hundred now push interests Jappie, say the. You win a show Inc. Is he says hope what cater? Johanna jets with them the of may hill, home home home about this male a male now in this case. It's just though she well, I'm meeting about fifteen. Now, it isn't that take? How'd you pay the Tim pews nigga nigga thirty wieners? Only in touch. See that you took you those or what's the mean see this type theory. So you there has sure under cases at that baller. Now. All. Tommy. Where was take warriors? See how that gives you about. Now. How has it ball goes? Thomas shook up the how Taiwan little say Feis on fat down waiting. Because that's Eka. Cannot. And he's you inhale good Jones was because Taiwan has so. One of my heart. Now, Joe the passage or comments has what this hockey woman USS hadn't Jonah goes Muslim, but you to quit now. Minnesota piece on potential cardio hadn't job has. Each. Fat. No Mendonca just to hurt you this. She you talk without that. Even some money without today. Now what I do about Chewbacca Johanna you unites the. Woman don't you send? So by now weights is just to the pound beam. Now with with John saw Pai one or engine down. See, how'd you your woman? She down nigga, don't shoot. Look what you how much high when Bush one in Thailand USA quick toward the as you nigga union. She's shoe Tamika your sous Euroyen 'cause you do. John saw those some young the whole tomatoes ought to Kwan's initial John meals guidance. We will meet military's you should issue should just admit he Jidara hard. What wait y'all ticket? It yeoman negoti. So initial whole say body, she should you need it to the show. So your door Utah door habitual the sheets. Oh, say neither Donna Joe emeals what abuse Michelle Taiwan now. Ho what new areas any mission national equate as we will not some big. Right. Welcome. The show the shampoo. It's. Away would say issue show some schinder now those she she could. You is year. Nika just a true true which account, Michelle. Hit. Swap Joe to issue. I enjoy that Johan. About cheese. Have you gone? So because in this show, see the mill K. That's out that I know what? Hey, see on the with the hassle. Well, copycat would shift backward home shit. It's just bomblets man's. It'd be heavy symmetry with her. The cannot seek talent Syrian. I just saw no show. Doc. I should down to this show is Julius for canal. On notation. Should you can turn to a meal Shumba idiot, juice or knish Shushi modality quick? Would you tonight show on should radio? Bushy engineer what the Dow fires Bianca now go to on Jewish Johnny go through it on in. Glenn beer, who is your. Julia and the two don't fire shoot. Giovanni being now the Troy. Shoots Indian there with the tissue Jewish your home condo down Xenia union, which shoo shoo issue show into say more uncurling shoot you'll eat the NTN show. So wait how the wanting the she the whole Bichon jetty sheer leash. The horror should doors or the Xian shonda cheese. Shootout these sort. Sort. Don't it's how Shahal Judeh Julie. Neiman? Jizhong foul quit. I will say you should Taiwanese. You. John's as Hongkou TOTO issue. Daddy, eating the Quilon. One. Neca. Does what she has should don't usually good. Three is also the injury each jar Jochen. She. On this whole house, Lincolnian die shoe. What? So he talk with Joel my son. You're you quit should go to the Hudson down the nigger general. Good. Oh, shucks. Sure. Now, what way what say fuck what she come home? You not food. Good people. The it's you the tourists see push out the jets in the mall. It's whole just issue. Quit quit Nestle you of how and it could just shoot that's in front hall. Then it is shown y'all. Oh, you don't them. Yeah. Then is always Toko called shit. Then just found where we're told Fogle without the good out here in Georgia, someone toys, so he national hole to Tigers eight down your so for Taipei George tall. Hey, how you would sweet your door view shore may TR who is Madam you Sawyer. She wasn't you. Wait, go down because they're not sure how to each in Jeddah ego. Saw that zyppah was sure Shanshan say more than that, which your host. So the cheese. What you need there should be daughter. She's sundance. She say what does Pajau Eka just? Share cut. Nice say Gwen Shizue Saudi. You could see Cal jitters. Yeah. Most she kazoo say doors, socially, it was Taiwan's. She way foot Cindy K. What's those or this whole foods in the whole case issue weights? Someone once Howard. How'd you store each? So the twits. So the taste towards the Dow futsi casual Utah your door, the she also she she saw say showed me in the city was a nigger nigger Nian the needs on its own peon sewer. That's home Salk Nandy an should Jimmy. How often do when the shuns she's shoot Sipo coda day. So he's the the. This is just so to Egerton. Would you tell gosh, should we push Egypt push engine where she you Chung Li the whole foods? Go Jones, push engineer. Tissues yet. Chinda show in guys women say fuck one town, but she's yet no woman meal. Now, how does that can tune tattoo shoe? So what are the what happens? Then go back on the whole I should say twenty. Negotiation may your your show. Dossier on today show. Hi guitar with twentieth. So now ho Nicoli. She's what what I tie when Senator casino, however, the Indian door Jody was quote down. Kaddish ho- what your way? It was a moment. Nicotera footing. Don't we Steph sore? He's anti new contracts. So it how Anchin. No, thanks. You know, what's found toy? Voiceover penalties. Shook his sure missile mama g I cut you hope of Mysore he come out of John. What where had she says? Leamy? It's a new phone. What was going on holiday shine, Shaanxi whom will just? Menia so much new because any deals only that's the only and I won't when you petition cool. Now, my mind wish I show. My husband's saw things what the mustard out of John machine. Quick these hunt Showtime, patchy I saw ha the console you come out cities. Listen majel. It's a Benetton center. I'm.

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