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Funeral services today for the reverend billy graham graham was laid to rest in his library in charlotte north carolina graham son the reverend franklin graham saying this will not be his last encounter with the evangelical leader known as america's pastor daddy i won't allow will see you on this earth again but i will see you again i'll see you maybe soon but not yet this is npr from kqed news i'm tara seiler contra costa county officials have determined that an inmate who died several days after being booked into a county jail in january had overdosed on heroin investigators say they don't know how forty five year old james cooper who was booked on a range of charges god drugs into the martinez detention facility bay area news group reporter nate gartrell covers the jail in contra coster people aren't allowed contact visits with inmates so usually if somebody wants to smuggle drugs are the jail they have to get arrested and oftentimes if so renault's that they're going to get arrested that day said to have a court appearance where they know they're going to get remanded they'll try and sneak drugs into the jail that way and just hope that they can make it past the stripsearched cooper's death came two weeks after another inmate died at the same facility no word yet on the cause of death cal train is joining forces with san jose another transit agencies to develop and modernize the area around dear it on station into what officials envision as a europeanstyle transit village the idea picked up steam last year with gubler's plan to build a campus around the station at yesterday's directors meeting qiao trained board chaired genie bruyns warned vow googles landgrab potentially preempting the agency's plans whether or not there needs to be more land as part of the actual footprint for the transit activity that's going on there versus being suddenly crowded out because of other land acquisitions bart highspeed rail and other transit lines are eventually specter to converge on the.

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