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Because I think that the. The white family has moved on. And quite frankly, the damage has been done to the white family. I don't I think that if we saw him come back, and it weren't all felt like it was going to be the same as it was when he left we would sit there and go no it isn't going to work. It didn't work the last time. I think that clearly there is some kind of a plan here, which isn't always the case with stuff. But clearly, I think as you watch you go. Okay. Well, they ran vignettes for about three weeks leading up to this. And then hit right into the Bray. Wyatt kids TV show host with a chainsaw thing. Clearly, a story is being told here, you know, as I watched this. I say, okay, sometimes we when we watch WWE, we worry that maybe the people telling these stories, the people writing these stories, I should say not the people telling these stories, but the people writing these stories may not know exactly what they're telling or maybe ready to change at a moment's notice. I think it seems to me that there is a clear plan for Bray Wyatt here. I think it's clear to the people that wrote it, I don't think it's clear to any of us. Just yet. But I think it's cool. You know, I mean it brought me back to the days of like the rumors that mister Rogers. I mean, it turns out the rumors weren't true. But you all heard it as a kid that mister Rogers had like Vietnam tattoos on all under his sleeves. And that's why he's always wearing the card again, and all kinds of crazy stuff. What if there was a dark in demonic side to this children's television host that you're watching? You know, I think that there's there's tons of potential in that he's building a world around this new persona that. Plays into the world that he had built before he left. So I don't. I don't know what it could work out terribly. Of course, you know, we don't know we don't know the answers sway. We don't know how it's gonna work out. But I don't think there's any reason to not be optimistic or not say, it's cool. What's going on with Bray wide or not say, it's different? I feel like a lot of times. When you can't immediately tell where something's going or you don't immediately go. Oh, this is cool. He's my new favorite guy that people get turned off by that. There are some people to get turned off by that. But to those people I would say patience is a virtue. You have to be patient, and wait and see what's going to happen here. Because there is no reason in my mind for us to feel any way, except this could be really good. And this is what this is. This is an opportunity for bright something that we've been waiting for Bray Wyatt to get for quite some time. You know, I thought that it was delivered. Well, and I'm interested to see where it's going next. And that's the whole point. Right. I wanted to into raw next week and find out what's going to happen. I mean, excuse me. I must be allergic to the truth. It might have been the best thing on raw this week. My I think it was the most compelling. It's the thing that I'm interested in seeing what happens next, and I think that's very very crucial in this world of professional wrestling. Speaking of what happens next, we go to story number four story. Number four is what's happening next with Dustin Rhodes it was announced. This is another eighty dub signing it was announced. The Dustin Rhodes is saying goodbye to the gold dust character forever. He posted a video on Twitter in which he put a severed gold dust head, which I didn't know existed. If I had I would have had one I have a gold dust ring worn bodysuit on a mannequin in my studio, and it just got a regular mannequin head. If I knew there were severed gold heads lying around. I would have slapped one of those puppies on top of this thing..

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