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Okay mango so let's get to the controversial and talk about why growing number of parents are banning shel silverstein from their children's book shelves i mean honestly is it still just the idea that is books promote bad behavior or is there more to it than this well i think that's part of it i think some parents still have this old school approach to children's lit where they they expected to be completely edifying or not really have those sharp edges and of course they're going to have this negative reaction to an author who has no bones about presenting these grownup ideas or all these problems in ways that are i guess approachable to kids and then there are the folks who take offense to specific poems from a light in the attic or where the sidewalk ends like you know that baby eating one you read earlier but for the most part people's biggest beef with silverstein is usually the message or even the potential lack of one in the giving tree well on the off chance that there's somebody listening that isn't familiar with this story i i feel like we should give a quick rundown of what hap and so it's basically the story of a little boy who grows up with this sentient tree for a companion and at different stages in the boy's life the tree gives him whatever he needs to have this safer easier life you know that that's leaves or branches or apple's pretty much all the things a tree could realistically provide to someone and the whole time the tree is personified is sort of a weary of like a put upon woman and i say woman because it's referred to with female pronouns and she's constantly nurturing him with little concern for her own happiness or well being she keeps giving the boy keeps taking and you know his lot improves as a result of all these interactions but the trees really doesn't so in the end there's nothing left of the giving tree but this stump and you know even then it's offered up to the boy who's now an old man at this point as a place to sit and rest yeah i mean it's obviously a feel good story all around i mean that description alone probably says a lot about why some people are so put off by this book and and a glance you might think it's a simple story of unconditional love which could easily make the tree and allegory for lots of things i could be like friendship for marriage parenthood god you know whatever but then you remember that like love is meant to go both ways you know i really it's never supposed to be one party always taking other always giving i mean even for parents where so much of your time.

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