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Now we take you out to the ballpark live this he's giants baseball on the radio nice to have you back with us as a judge try to snap fivegame losing streak at chorus field at least five games in this little row here but it's more than that of course feel let's bring in the hall of famer john miller john happy father's day to use some of your thoughts today well still to come on the bruce bochy show for today bruce boat you talked about his dad and the growing up in the military his dad was in the military and he was stationed at various bases all around the world of room bruce of child was born in europe in france lived in the panama canal zone and because of the the weather was suitable for baseball year round down there the can house one of the tropics than that's where he really learn how to play baseball establish a huge baseball fan and encourage them to play ball and the show that's that's a little bit different than a lot of his words were how to play baseball the panama canal zone that was that's where you really learn how to play than the also recalls the story of his his dad was a big cincinnati reds fan but because that with the team grew up with but he got move to a of outside of washington dc northern virginia and that's where boat show his first major league game his dad wanted to see mickey mantle and boetsch was a huge mickey mantle fan anyway and the yankees came into the old rfk stadium for a double header and mickey mantle hit two home runs show up anyway he tells all those stories and and more the father's day addition of today's boji fairness ever know very nice very nice met more had a similar experience a his dad was in the military i think he spent the little league years in japan from that mistake great baseball plays japan show i i remember being a japan and a couple of different baseball are trips wants two years ago 1984 the baltimore orioles went over there for a a postseason tour i think they play maybe fifteen games twelve games something like that and then a few years later went with a majorleague allstar team that went over played several games and had a chance to broadcast.

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