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That's chat dot LR and dot F. M. As we continue here with the story of what appears to be some potentially very exciting news, But I'm trying not to get too excited about it because it actually hasn't happened yet, however, if the news drops before Christmas or afterwards, guys thinks he's got about a month, right, because it's ah, the inaugurations on January 20th, so he's got just over four weeks. From now Trump can do a commutation of Russell bricks sentence. He's probably not gonna if he does. Anything is probably a commutation of the sentence apart apartment, But that would be amazing because he was really sentenced harshly. I mean, Actual drug dealers barbarically harshly. I mean, two life sentences that's barbaric in the first place, but plus 40 years, that's that's unnecessarily well, There's no amount of barbarism this really necessary, but that is insult to injury. It's really and it's It's just horrifying. This judge that was involved in this particular case, Catherine, I think forest What's your name was just terrible. All throughout the entire trial, refused to allow certain evidence in that could have helped Ross and just was she threatened the jurors at one point if they live if they listened to the jury nullification advocates outside, she threatened Tonto actually lock the jurors away If the jury nullification advocates Wouldn't stop. And when I say the jury nullification advocates, I mean the key Max, who went there? Derek J. Freeman and Jeffrey Bill James James Cleveland who are actually out out front. Also Jim Bob from the Philly area was there and in my Michelle, seven, so basically, almost all people from the King area went out there to actually surprise. You went all the way down New York City and stood out there in the freezing cold to hold signs during his trial. The judge Actually threatened to sequester the jury if the outreach continued outside the courthouse, And so that actually scared his mom into requesting that the activists stop doing it. Tragic and so even though they judge sounds like a real piece of work. Oh, yeah, She's a real bitch. Esso. What they did was they tried to appease this judge, And you know what? It didn't help at all. Sending the activist home. At the beginning of the trial didn't help at all, because the idea was we gotta We gotta piece the judge so she'll go easy on him, and I don't want to judge angry at you. My ultimate well. Ultimately, it's not the judge who's making the decision right. But itwas the judge does the sentencing. So the decision, But the jury has said not guilty, then the judge would have had nothing to sentence. That much is true. I do understand the reasoning because it's it's risky. You know, the possible penalties here were major, and but the judge could have said Okay, five years she could have, but no, the pandering to the judge did not reduce his sentence. It didn't do anything to reduce his sentence. So they would have been justice better off if they let the jury nullification or if his mom and let the jury nullification. People continue to do their outreach, And I think she realized that later on But at the time she was scared right like it's your son, and obviously she wanted to do what she thought was best for, but ultimately it did. It didn't help. It actually may have. I mean, it's certainly Didn't hurt. It didn't didn't help it worse. So I mean, it couldn't exactly so back to the story here, Trump again has has done some. He's already done. Cem Cem pardoning and some commutation of sentences and not just to his buddies like Roger Stone, but to people like Alice Johnson, who were serving lengthy prison terms. For crimes that in her case, I believe she was involved in cocaine distribution. If I recall correctly, and they just threw the book at her, she got a life sentence or something serious like that. Yeah, so, activist Weldon, Angelos said. I've had documents forwarded to my contacts in the White House as early as February. Well, that is a former music producer and ex federal inmate, he said in a brief interview Tuesday evening. Quote. In the beginning of the year, Ross's family had reached out to us for support for our support in my organization and I have my organization and I have endorsed his full computation. And I'm hopeful that President Trump will commute his sentence in its entirety. This case has perhaps more support than More support than I've seen in any case of this kind. Wow. So that's a pretty big deal. And I guess he's one of the primary movers on this. The White House did not respond to requests for comment for this story on Tuesday. Quote. We're very grateful for and admire all President Trump has done for criminal justice reform, especially passing the first step Act because that has freed thousands of desperate and deserving people, some of whom I know we're praying and remain hopeful that he will show mercy on Ross, as he has others. And commute his sentence to time served and give my son a second chance at life. That was Lynn Albrecht. As she spoke to the Daily Beast on Tuesday night. We had it happens, man. We've had Lin on the show a number of times over the years. I really do as well. I mean, not just for her for her benefit for her sanity, because I mean, this is her life now. Her life of her son is in prison, right? Yeah. I mean, they had to mortgage or double mortgaged their house or something like that, in order to get the money to just keep moving around the country because when they move rocks from one prison to another, Lynn moves from one, you know, geographic area to another geographic area, because if your son is in the prison in Colorado, but your house is in New York City, it's going to be an inconvenience staff to fly there. So it's just easier to just move. And just stay near that prison so every time they move him, they move. Ulbricht was the founder. Administrative, the Silk Road Dark Net drug Marketplace, which used the tour anonymity Network to hide the location of servers and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

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