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Quantum enabled satellite into orbit designed to transmit on crackle will codes from space back to the ground here's the sound of that lift off china's satellite gleaned space uh yeah and off it takes meanwhile back you're on earth other intelligence battles going on you bet there are steve inskeep with morning edition npr's steve inskeep budgets today talking with the former cia station chief there in beijing asking about move who's better at spycraft and china's hand at spycraft he was randy phillips the former cia station chief he was his reply very good no doubt about it they have a very deep wells of of folks in both the military and civilian side and they also have a history of turning to chinese citizens abroad that uh are also a wellspring in whether it's in industry or and government or just in terms of understanding with wing a given country to be able to turn to the spy games never end of course david ignatius to book is the quantum spy but we've got real world affairs unfolding right now as well here's president trump yet dakota airbase in japan a yesterday warning kim jongun or dictators he said uh the leader of north korea never to test american resolve and he's talking here about the nuclear program in north korea and of course he has threatened to totally destroy north korea little more conciliatory today but he was the president yesterday together with our allies america's warriors are prepared to defend our nation using the full range of our unmatched capabilities noone no dictator nor regime in no nation.

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