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Holy. Crap this has been a crazy day. Crazy today I've been hurt by by own favor cruise line like a week after the her by my own favored airline. And Then he know. You know. With all the things that are going on I am struggling because. I got like a little bit of the headache because you know especially when you hear pain of A. Ship that EU Esley been to. before. On any Tuesday's ever ever ever. That made you fell off cruising. And they sold like from right under your feet. And, it's. Fellow idea heartbroken within got a headache at the same time though and in a light right today like Fredericton Wayang. Trying, to continental looking at my emails, I got three Three organizations found by anchor that want me to do. About the elections. So hopefully, I calmed down, also I could do the PSA later this guy. Recorded a now I recorded a practice one I might I might play that day. You know if you might like it or something like that but I might pre recruit were pre recorded practice again. And because I did that before I think i. a headache I mean I was able to eat but uh. After all the stuff going on and I've been hurt yet again I mean. I mean, that's just like. Wow. It's like a falls count anywhere. Match you know. That's what I'm thinking that it is a. Really bad headache and a ton of calm down I'm losing consultation so I WANNA. Give myself a chance to calm down and then maybe one day can then do. Like Eat another prerecord or go ahead of course, the PSA and. All that good stuff and I'll and I'll I'll let you hear a copy on due to. pullman on all of the puck chests things. The PSA. But I'm not a cited and I'm heartbroken about the About the Carnival managing being sold in in. Walmart as not carrying D-, gatorade powder all the stock. And to the the bottles together a bottles to twelve pack. And so. Frustrated. Little Bit. Angry and you know what the heck is going on I mean there really is a food shortage. I. A. Really really going now lay dead if there really isn't food shortage. Because I'm not show what is going on maybe the long getting a headache because of all this crap going on beside the disappointment. And beside the hurt saw. I saw. But I'M GONNA give my chance self a chance to calm down. before during the PSA because I don't even plane throughout the deletion so All right. This is Prince Dj. Out.

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