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Front moves through and some cool air arrives. Low fifties on Wednesday, Right now 50 and the DFW airport, Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was on Fox is news prime time He talked about the executive orders that President Biden has signed so far. President Biden, who's gone back on every promise he made. Just even a week ago about unity. There's no unity coming out of that. He's killing union jobs. He's empowering our adversaries. China is it's now a policy of no longer America. First, it's China. First. Russia is winning because he's fighting the institution of America about our energy independence. Biden team members say those executive orders were part of an effort to reverse The gravest damages what they're calling them of the Trump administration. The House impeachment case against Donald Trump has been delivered to the Senate House. Democratic prosecutors made the ceremonial walk in front of cameras across the capitalists evening they delivered the charge, but some Republican senators are easing off their criticism of the former president. Retired U T. A political science professor Alan Sex, Sachs said. It may be a case of be careful what you wish for. If they do it to a Republican, the Republicans made you the same thing to a Democrat somewhere down the line. So this is too important of an issue to be used as simply a political toy. A trial is expected to begin in about two weeks. Ah, federal judge says the Richardson man accused of breaching the U. S Capitol this month and Threatening to assassinate Congress Woman is a flight risk and a danger to the public and W B. A. P s quite Nevil reports that Garrett Miller has issued a public apology to that person. Garrett Miller says he's ashamed by the comments he made online. Specifically, the post reading Assassinate AOC. The 34 year old shows, remorse and a public statement that says he was led to believe by former president Trump the election was stolen and believed he had the support him. The mayor of Dallas is implementing a study. It's to make recommendations on improving the Dallas police and fire pension system Now is Police Association president Mike Mata hopes to avoid fallout experienced the last time that pensions were on the table. The mayor hopes to reach a consensus before the 88th Texas Legislature, which begins in 2023 you get overnight mostly clear love 40 50, now in Fort Worth. From the W B A P News death Can Mickey Briggs your next update at 12 30 24 7 coverage. WB ap dot com. This is Charles Osgood. We all know because we've been told over and over how important it is to eat a balanced diet and that the nutrients and fresh fruits and veggies are essential to good health. Fine, but for May knowing that and eating as if I knew it are two different things. I'm a meat and potatoes guy and always have been So I was thrilled to find out the balance of nature capsules concentrate 31 different fruits and vegetables with no extracts or fillers. And with all those fighter nutrients we need to be in top form. Balance of nature is well named to touch all the bases. What I do is to take a few of the fruit. Very capsules, the red ones in the morning and the green veggie capsules later in the day, my body and brain never had it so good..

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