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The panthers at the united center the pregame with chris boden at seven the faceoff with john white a minute troy murray at seven thirty on seven twenty wgn a wgnradiocom the bulls of put three straight wins together the latest win last night against the celtics bulls dominated the second quarter took a doubledigit lead never slowed down bowls one away celtics eighty five and after eight surgeries on his leg bears tied miller made his first returned to houshold since that october twenty night game in new orleans that severe knee injury i'm not sure it so much about myself i learned they're still really creepy world of it hold wants a negative stuff 247 not been impacted by love in across the entire globe i've learned that talking about how so many people have helped him in his recovery he says he isn't sure whether or not he'll be able to play again let's get a check of the roadways with wgn traffic and as readily on right now in the sea ta orange line at those trends are standing at archer deeply medical emergency on the tracks shuttle buses out will be available soon between midway and roosevelt said keep an eye out at so those are standing at the orange line on both sides at archer due to a medical emergency on the roads right now you're pretty quiet the edens is fifteen in both directions the kennedy is running with no major problems you're looking good on the eisenhower the stevenson and the dan ryan but keep an eye out on the dan ryan you have roadwork three left lanes are shut down on that outbound signed from eighty seven through the merge until six am in don't three right lanes from merged 87 until five lakeshore drive us in just a couple of delays in the downtown area bishop ford i 57 clear and on the tolls again some scattered delays on two 94 right around seventy nine street as well as i eighty for traffic on the sevens or eighths or any time ondemand get the traffics chicago app approved by team hochberg at perl mortgage just search t r a f f i x chicago as muddling.

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