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What are you guys so the relationship between exercise and diet can you guys talk about that so you know talking about that related to overtraining related to how much you can consume if you're working out you know twice a day once a day or whatever like what are your thoughts on finding a balance with your food and the next or cise why would say food first and foremost you know we can start with protein for example because it's the first category of the fad for and i see drastic variations in people's protein consumption by have someone who's rav egan that might be you know forty grams of protein a day and the government's going to tell you that should be the minimum you know just to like maintain muscle mass and energy and i've you go to bodybuilding dot com it might say you should have you know two grams per pound of body mass now for someone like me if that's like two hundred and fifty grams of protein no way i'd be eating fourteen chickens dodge a lot of pro team you know so i think there are very asians in like what people need when it comes to to protein but i would say you know good rule of thumb there would be somewhere between like point four point five grams per pound of body mass and then if you're like a cross fit crazy weightlifting olympic weightlifter maybe you're pushing towards like point seven five or eight point eight but you know i think simply like looking at each of your meals breakfast lunch dinner what's like four to six ounces of protein twenty thirty grams perfect like that's going to get you what you need to recover i think there's like a whiz really big push back in the day that people needed all this protein and we don't need as much as as we thought but you need like a little bit of a balance and that's where it comes down to like your bio individuality so like simone just said you know maybe she's not going to sit down to a four goma before she goes in jumps around on a trampoline scrambled eggs on the floor you know what i mean it's like you have to.

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