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As well as at the same time looking at everything that was wrong in terms of what went wrong in ben feels transition into the pipeline as well and so. I wondered if you could tell me a little about how. You've got access to ben fields. Did he know what the whole story was. Going to pan out as no. He didn't know. Because i didn't know and i was honest with town that i'm trying to do that kind of guy thing like what i'm gonna do is give you an opportunity to tell your story and you can look in my prior work. I'm not. I'm not going to change something. I don't have a gotcha thing or all. That in i sit. I'm i wanted to ask everybody stories in so that was part of it in another party or was like you know what me as a white man. What could i bring to this whole thing. And part of what i felt part of what i thought i could do is use my white privilege as you know and just feel like in the belly be stove logistic -cation for something like this could be. You know it was really wanna know how how do you. How do you justify this added fifty percent of south carolina when they were asked justify this and as a white person special mostly white people in this white world view of that as a white person. I was like well. I want to interrogate that. And yes so. I got access because i knew a friend of his that had posted about it written about it and i talked to him and explain an economic in e connected me with him and hours a lot of hours and conversations you know maybe hundreds hours conversations and then through that but he was willing to talk in billions willing to talk to them and they ended up talking and i thought it could be a blow out but they actually took it from. There took the relation from there. But that's kind of how that you know..

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