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I think that was worth wind chill. I wonder what the the actual temperature was this is going to be the coldest day. I've ever experienced since that day for sure. Yeah. So I was not at the Packers ice bowl. So don't even ask you or not. You're probably senior. Tonya, my buddies, and I sleeve. Sleeve t shirts. When when was that that was cold? Thermostat the freezer bowl slightly warmer than the ice bowl. The kickoff. Temperature was a balmy minus nine Fahrenheit as opposed to the ice bowls minus thirteen so this is going to be even worse. Yeah. Thursday. I said minus twenty seven that they're not predicting is the all-time low temperature in Chicago history. Not on that date. Like, we're going to shatter the date. I think the low temperature all-time low is fifteen below for tonight in twelve below for Thursday. We're going to shatter those. We're we have the chance to tie the all time low temperature now so far Paul and Loyola are going to keep their tip off times tomorrow night at seven pm. And I you move there's up two hours today. They're playing right now, they're playing out this coldest temperature. This was the air temperature for the game was minus nine but the wind chill factor in sustained wind of twenty seven miles per hour was minus thirty seven degrees Fahrenheit calculated as minus fifty nine degrees Fahrenheit using the now outdated chill formula emplaced at the time. So the the temperature to me like I said, it was minus fifty nine the freezer bowl is bad enough for the Bengals. But how? Did you like to have been the San Diego? Chargers tangles when they came twenty seven seven I was screaming for the chargers also screaming for the Cowboys against the Packers in the ice bowl..

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