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About paul ryan many of you have written me and you've called and you've got your questions and your your your your cynicism about the house speaker last night msnbc anchor greta van susteren interviewed speaker ryan end of much has been made about the president's expectation that he received loyalty from the fbi director did you hear paul ryan's answer if you didn't and i want you to be ready to grab your blood pressure medication here's what the republicans speaker of the house said on msnbc about what most of us think thinkers a pretty reasonable expectation that an fbi director who had previously served under a democrat administration barack obama would be loyal to a republican president like trump he seemed can entirely plausible and reasonable not to paul ryan it is appropriate for the present ask a question of loyalty for the fbi director yeah i i mean obviously i don't think that is obviously you don't think that is listen to this again is appropriate for the present ask a question of loyalty for the fbi director he i know i mean obviously i don't think that is really oh thank you mr speaker thank you a judas once again the knife goes in the back and i think most of us are pretty well done with paul ryan we understand just how bad speaker ryan is and what a what a an attempt to damage this president that was by the speaker of the house i every time i do the lou dobbs show every retied lewis always railing against speaker ryan and lose a smart guy a lotta respect for him gang this is what he means this is not a speaker of the house republicans seems particularly loyal to this president or to seem is is even on the same team one eight hundred six five five mike will continue lot more of your calls coming up busy addition of the mike gallagher show this special day james toney kobe's testimony on capitol hill huawei whoa two two ooh the.

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