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Ten minutes news radio six ten W. I. O. D. when I started this Monday morning may fourth right now seventy two degrees in fort Lauderdale we've got to seventy five in downtown Miami at seven thirty one president trump discussing the coronavirus in a fox news a virtual town hall last night the president unequivocal on the need to reopen our economy endorsing a state by state approach really during a fox news virtual town hall while predicting that a coronavirus vaccine could be available by December we're so far ahead of any vaccine ever in history you know these things would take two four five six years ten years I think we're gonna have a maximum value by the end of the cases of the virus in the U. S. approaching one point two million deaths approaching sixty thousand president trump predicting that as many as one hundred thousand Americans could die from it that's fox's top bureau reporting across Florida some businesses are being allowed to re open retail operations can operate a twenty five percent capacity that's the rule for restaurants to bars gyms and salons though still remain closed but there is one South Florida county that is open for business just not to visitors Michael are soft opening track local Florida Keys restaurants and retailers unlocking their doors today but Monroe County mayor heather Carruthers stresses in their capacity is capped at twenty five percent will give all of our businesses and our restaurant captivity to test these new procedures and a tourist haven community she admits it might not be worth it for some business owners reopened but a lot of the protective measures that will be in place are likely to be in place for quite some time rather's estimates it could be a couple of weeks if not a month before they even consider welcoming back visitors Eric Reid Regus newsradio six ten WYO D. governor on the Senate is holding a press conference today he's going to put all the cards on the table laying out exactly what his administration has tried to do to fix the broken unemployment system I am very tough because this is seven about changing economy I know this is very difficult for a lot of people the system just totally broke it's not a good system we're going to deal with that in Daytona beach yesterday the governor said they've paid out more than four hundred fifty thousand claims totaling seven hundred million dollars many frustrated users though of the state's unemployment computer system say they haven't gotten any checks and their status is listed as pending or denied and they don't know why Florida gas prices may already have bottomed out that's because the lifting of stay at home restrictions is expected to increase demand for gasoline and with that increased demand will likely come increased prices Florida gas prices now average a dollar seventy seven per gallon that's the lowest in four years happy may the fourth today the unofficial Star Wars holiday probably the most exciting thing this may the fourth may the force is that now all nine films in the so called Skywalker saga officially streaming a Disney plus from nineteen seventy seven the New Hope the last year is the rise of Scott Walker.

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