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Yongqing Year? And you know what's going on my skype man acting real Janke right not a man also great number smash out the Charles for that May Suit man shout out to Tony Harrison. Detroit stand up to you. Know say credit where I can get those numbers though. I'm good to hear them numbers. Especially you know what I'm saying consider service. It was the weekend before the holidays. You know everybody was probably are trying to get an and they still decided to come back and watch that fight. You know what I'm saying. That's good the airmen. I'm pretty sure that the press conference in the not animosity in story building up to a definitely helped out with it way you saying to fly. I too was that two point two would up. Pluses was peak numbers. No one of the main event where for the fight now big numbers for the main event a- and The main event you know not only did they get a boost but had average like one point eight man. That's that's good to hear man. Suwalki made a very valid point on this Sister Josh will find like we definitely need to stop worrying about the numbers though. If we'RE NOT GONNA push for for the good fight. So that's the reason that that their fighters such good numbers good have you seen since the Joshua fight. No no no. I'm just saying because you know I knew Josh Belcher was GonNa go back into the whole promotional fifty million. He turned out to a twenty back and forth with our Latin. I'm like Wean. Get tired of you wasting talk about that. Let's just push for.

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