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Now, more of the Tennessee star report with Steve dill and Michael Patrick layhee. And welcome back in. This is the Tennessee star report. Steve Gill, Michael Patrick layhee here with you late night. But we're here we we make we make close, but we never does seven three seven nine five two to the phone number winners and losers. A couple in doubt throw out a couple and feel free to dive in with with your thoughts of who were big winners and big losers last night. The the Republicans in Tennessee in the state house looks like they picked up maybe a net of one or maybe a net loss of one, but super majorities retained by the state house in the state Senate in Tennessee, despite through the Democrats making their big claims of a Blue Wave, and they were recruiting more candidates and spending more money. Liberal extremists Mary Mancini and Mark Brown have have run the Tennessee Democratic Party into the ground. And I was doing channel to last night with Bruce Dobie, and he was shell shocked by the numbers, the margin that Bresson and Kharaldine got defeated. Just absolutely drubbed. And how do you set up? A forward movement for the Democratic Party in Tennessee. The left is going to say, we ran moderates and see what happened and the is they ran moderates with Tennessee's conservative, and the Tennessee Democratic Party is apparently gonna move even more socialist to the left which will not bode well for Tennessee Democrats, or for the state of Tennessee, y'all have a competitive two party system. If you're going to bring out the best in the political arena, and the Democrats have just vacated the field as we saw those numbers. So for for Glenn Kasinga who was a driving force for for the house. They lost Eddie Smith over Knoxville lost Gloria Johnson in a in a race. They've been going back and forth. And it's been it's been close. Every time. Tommy Vallejo's did not win up in in the Clarksville area. Clarksville is turning a little bit more blue than I think a lot of folks would would like, and they did not pick up that one coach bird in western ac-, prevailed one the Democrats left they were going to pick that seat up. Craig fitzhugh vacating his seat to run for governor Republicans picked up. That one. So the Republican supermajority rains in in effect, and Glenn Kasinga Robin Smith and their team. Did did a great job. We'll talk more about polling and pollsters got absolutely obliterated here. Tennessee east Tennessee State university middle Tennessee State university. Vanderbilt polls built so far off the Mark awful. Again, what they need to just disband their minds department in the polling business. They could focus all their the resources on maybe football at vandy instead seven three seven nine five two two other big loser. By the way, Taylor swift yet another man she picks turns out to be a disappointment seven three seven nine five two. Let's go to next Wayne, you're on the Tennessee star report with Steve Geller, Michael Patrick layhee. Hi, guys. I haven't even heard this soft on the national level. But I'm Anne how many Republican congressman retired and did not run with forty something was about forty which opened up a lot of open seats in districts that were lean blue or that Hillary Clinton had carried. That's why the it was almost a guarantee that the Democrats were going to pick up the Twenty-three they needed just because we had vacated seats that we could not hang onto as Republicans in districts that that they were going to pick up. Here's the good news, though, two years from now with Nancy Pelosi in Maxine Waters in the nitwit crazy loonies running their show. I think you'll get a forty to fifty seat. Swing back with Donald Trump on the ballot. And today and tomorrow, I may take today off in the next couple of days. I wanna go through those house seats that the Democrats one where are the ones that they won by two points or less, and that's the twenty or thirty Republicans need start targeting about Thursday. Yeah. You know, you look at the power historically of the incumbent, and it's more done. No matter who it is where you are. So those forty stayed in it in ruin yeah. We took some losses, but they only they only gain a majority by three votes for three feet. So Republicans probably have hung on had all of those people not retired for whatever reason. But so it's really not it's clearly not a referendum against President Trump is just the fact that so many Republicans stepped down at this election. That's really the issue. But that's not going to be talked about it. They don't claim victory if they credit and. When it wasn't deserving. Donald Trump carried the day. There would have been a serious Blue Wave if Donald Trump had not gone out and made the election about Donald Trump. That's how Republicans picked up seats in the Senate. It's how they they reduced the number of seats that the Democrats took they're gonna end up about thirty three thirty four net gain. So they're gonna have about a twenty point gap with ten ten more than they need to surpass the to eighteen or so so they're going to have a small minority and keep in mind, you have about twenty five Democrats who've said they're not gonna vote for Nancy Pelosi. So is the first thing they do when they go to Washington prove themselves to be liars or do they go to Washington and improved a Nancy Pelosi? They can't be counted. Upon either way, it's not a good move for them. I'll tell you when the other big losers Wayne Republicans lost a lot of governors races and the governor's races. They should have one. Now, where we're Donald Trump went in like, Georgia, and Florida and other states he saved the day looks. Like Republicans may pick up Connecticut, which would be a huge win. But lost seats Ohio was a big win. Because as you looked at twenty twenty that matters but Republicans lost congressional or lost governors races. Do you know who was running the Republican congressional or the Republican governors campaign nationally? Bill Hasler Bill has lem. You know, he's the one that helped us take it in the shorts in those governor's races. His campaign team didn't do what what should have been done to win. Those governor's races. Positive things. Jane was.

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