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And that's what I like about this team it's worth revisiting something I. Think we, touched on in the post game here at the stadium on Saturday night is. That it it speaks to the confidence you guys have in Gunnar that you Put him out there in a situation where sometimes if you didn't have that faith. In India by the just run the ball, it and got, the halftime down twenty two fourteen instead you went to eighty ran and said what it's true. Eddie and I talked and we were going, to open with, a with a lot of. Times you get that when their way back anyway in our runners give them. A little room we could rip off at, ten fifteen yard gain in. The run game sometimes but I. For that very reason said no put it, in the air let's throw it and sure enough he. Dropped back and hit his. First pass and I think that gave them a lot of confidence it was really. Good throw there was good protection on that and. Let. Us right down the field to. Score it was a really exceptional play on the touch now he stood in there got pressure we knew where the, pressure was common from the added one on, so that there was going to be one free but it was going to one free hitter but. It was going to take some time to get there and he saw common stood in. There we'd practice? The exact same situation and he hit booth for the touchdown and And David made a great cut and and got open and scored and it was, a really big play after seeing the tape, how did you evaluate the play of the two quarterbacks both did some good things and some things. That we need to get better obviously like like most players in that game So we have confidence in both of those guys and they good practice. Today, so we'll just keep on moving forward And.

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