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Hundred ninety nine two hundred ninety seven deaths per day world war one one hundred sixteen thousand five hundred sixteen vietnam fifty thousand two hundred korean war fifty four thousand two hundred forty six american revolutionary war twenty fails and so on so i ask that you were folks call in and tell us who you by name and want war a who you would like to memorialize someone that you knew or new of i think is a very powerful thing to do get to say name before more people than you could imagine i guess okay let's see here let's go to uh mary mckay mary came sorry was my mary kay in lake arrowhead california hi mary kay dennis prager of us memorial day hey good morning data thank you for your ricki the thing that i wanna hear tomorrow i firmly prime my out that the return of nathan woah the news without the round quiet on the carlton and aircraft carrier and the number two thousand port hello and he went out on a night cradle michigan on what the letter fa highlight and they collided on the larr we hope that night so thank you a arm would like charlize low at one of our local boy thank you for doing that that's what i mean that's the same thing that's that's dying and service of the country every bit as much as if he collided with an enemy aircraft imagine i mean i will obviously the this is the second divide serving the country in uniform third visavis the family.

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