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Yeah we got close kim coming up tonight and sean way sean wade's another guy who talk like this bra he's here originated talking like that cool me jesper coley really's go there now no way shaun lights told us a person who's ever spoken an and think about how serious hogging invented bro all right so he thank you so much for your reporters from the front lines and we'll be a checking in with you throughout the week did so thank you fab keep those eyes on the screen keep amman keep your eyes away on our it so just a developing story is over the weekend and towards the end of last week one of trump's main dudes rob porter was sort of fired slash resigned in a really like the description of it in the new york times piece about his last few days makes it sound like he just like could not get the hint like he would go back to john kelly and be like hey saw him i'm having second thoughts about resigning he was like no you're you're fired blake you have to leave his like ria news like so i'll just take a couple of days to get my stuff together kelly's like no you like need to be out of now like you're making me look really bad and then like the next day he still at gathering a stuff roma's desk like brain ways this guy's a human monster who apparently like physically abused two of his exwife's and um yeah really just like horrifying testimony from them and it's wild how the white house just cannot get there should together like you know come out and aggressively like we have a zerotolerance policy literally the easiest thing in the world of just be like that was bad yeah this guy's off bad he should go and that's to centrally what they finally got around to doing yesterday on the you know sunday morning talk shows they kind of all went out and blanketted the airwaves with being like yeah you know once we found out we got rid of them it's unacceptable and you know that's what the president thinks but man the president on twitter did not give that impression at all he no only think he tweeted about with regards to this and uh you know wasn't necessarily clear.

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