Douglas, Mexico, President Trump discussed on Steve and Ted


A lifetime warranty machine washable looks great on everyone the tilly danjaq six oh one west douglas after clock tower in delano high level members of the trump administration are in mexico today for a meeting with the new president elect their that story and more us on the half hour stephen ted on cayenne s s your morning expresso starts right here sean hannity morning minute we're going to have corruption within the fbi that we give the most powerful tools of intelligence to and if they're going to try and steal a presidential election and if this is not found out to be abuse of power and what he did with hillary which there is incontrovertible evidence of her obstruction and of her crime we will no longer be the united states of america or we will be the united states of america in name only we will really be venezuela a banana republic the former soviet union that means we will have a two tier justice system no equal justice under the law no equal application of our laws and if they can attempt this god knows what else other people are capable of sean hannity show from coast to coast later today finding great candidates to hire can be like well trying to find a needle in a haystack sure you can post your job to some job board but then all you can do is hope the.

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