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Keenly aware that there is weather in the area and Mark Garrow, they are trying desperately to get the halfway. It's not like they're out there throwing up rooster tails, But there is a little bit of moisture right now at Atlanta Motor Speedway, and it's hard to tell where it's coming from because the ceiling is still very high, and there's no real visible rain clouds out there but again We are getting a few Sprinkles on the racetrack. Eric Al Merola again has not pitted. Neither has Ryan priest. So when they do, Kurt Busch will re inherit the lead dug in his lead over Alex Bowman almost three seconds and that's what happens here at Atlanta Motor Speedway. A good bitch. You see somebody get out front. I did not think today that it was going to be Kurt Busch. I would have pretty much wager I had affected Didn't I predict that? Yes, she did. Mark. I stay in corrected. You did predict that. Uh, you know, I'm a little bit surprised it to this point. We have not seen a little more out of Kyle Larson. Is he laying back and they're playing for the long game of the day? But we've not seen much out of the five car today and I would say the same thing about Ryan Blaney, although he did play it kind of cool to win the race in March. He was a little further up front where he's at right now. Currently ninth in the running order. As we wait for Erica Merola and Ryan priests. They have to make their pit stops. And they will certainly be giving up a lot of ground because you look at al Merola right now. 33.986 seconds his last lap. You look to Kurt Busch 32.8 almost the two second difference, of course, because of the worn out tired and the next lap that clicks off will demarche that we are over halfway here in the Quaker State 400. NASCAR kind of amended that rule they went first with, okay, You've got a complete two stages for it to be an official race. Then they went all right halfway aren't two stages, whichever comes first. It looks like Kurt Busch is not going to wait for Eric Al Merola and Ryan Priest to make their pit stops. He's in heavy traffic, works to the outside of Ryan.

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