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A portable water which is inspection of what our infrastructure delivers water to people's houses to inspection of ships docks that ceterum to inspection of oil pipelines and oil rigs to hydropower inspection everything to do with the generation of electricity through water uh so there's a variety of uses we also have a lotta use in terms of research there's a lot of people who buy our units to monitor the oceans and see what's going on and also obviously military and government use for things such that monitoring oceans are you able to attach customized quip into to these vehicles pretty much whatever you need yes we have the concept of a theater of the shelf unit the the people combined that can access routes and then we have engineered units which are more complex as an example we recently delivered point to the virginia into to maritime science which had all kinds of sensors on including water collections of equipment they could could he connect collect samples of different depths and measured dissolved oxygen chloride levels and everything to do that you'd see the scientists want to do your based in fall river masschusetts where do you do your manufacturing it's actually up a little bit north of us up in new hampshire oca sorrow manufacturing is in the answer i mean offices in four of mass and we also have an office in australia said to me was how many employs do you have today not counting manufacturing twentytwo oak and how many are you looking to expand out at the moment we just went through an expansion who actually the hiring hiring a position today to try and fill out some additional positions a lot to do with the sales and marketing is really were wear focuses you recently you mentioned that you ipo on the australian stock exchange looks like you raised about seven million dollars in that offering how big is this market potentially how big could this company become the market opportunities billion dollar market is a lot of big players wanted things i would like to plug in for the local area massachusetts asleep teeth you start going around the.

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