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Out here ever bring a whole kettle. I wanted to go catch them. Escort. I just might. Tragic. Hey is if it weren't for cans could starve to death. Reinforced. Really ten years live. Sounds everything. I eat comes straight out of the ocean. It's fresh. I got some fresh green tail shrimp the other day. Oh word you, you just can't even describe it. Youthful. I'm salivating right now. Okay. Thanks a lot for that. JK started slobber. We'll get a wish you the best of the rest of the weekend. We'll sandy Alrighty. I have a great day. Those good stuff poorly. I appreciate you guys all the conservation efforts from twenty one states for the meal foundation you on your website. I want to invite everybody to go to build dear dot or click on their website. You can look at conservation in two thousand nine they put up a position on the the wolves. Which is exactly what she said. So right. Nice job. Yeah. So if if the folks want to get involved with the Mueller foundation, how do they do it or the go? Well, you know, obviously, that's that's the national website, the mule deer dot dot, Oregon. But you can get involved the best way to get involved at the state level. And there's not a chapter in your area. We can get one started there right now, we have seven which have a couple of new ones here in Arizona. Dan, Beecroft down here in Queen creek. He just fired up the Queen creek chapter. That's built a new and then there's a new chapter up an eastern Arizona kind of in the northern White Mountains area around Show Low and instill, plus I'm got a new one going over by in southern Nevada. Some of our friends at Missouri in Alabama pretty incense that you know, you discriminate and don't have a white tail. Don't need it. Why Taylor doing very very good across the country of the big game animals that are really suffering right now fielder continue and it's probably part of the drought. And this and that, but that's that's beaks to conservation in our conservation efforts in this state, obviously waters such a big issue. Thank god. We got we've had a lot this last fall and winter and so far spring. So that's good. It will it'll save us a lot of money hall water, but without without water out in these critical habitat areas, you know, the the deer would be there. Neither would this other wildlife and so that ties right in what we were talking about earlier with horses. One thing that kinda grind my excellent. Basically, do we spent a lot of money on these having these projects? And then are we end up water in a lot of horses? We're putting everything in our projects. Now, it has to be horse Umbro proof fencing around the project. So perfect. Yeah. And people know that have been around horses. Like, I have grew up around livestock is that the, you know, they are bullies as you describe John that the watering hole they'll stand there. Whole series bull is on the range, and we're going to be pushing that out there. So you can go to Honey fishing dot com. And keep track of what Jake as dawn in. Appreciate the frustration level that you have dealing with these these. Yeah, they're water thug folks, folks. Yes. Well, they are they'll drive anything and everything off wanna tell you. What to me what it comes down to is? You know, if you love wildlife like I do native wildlife, and you wanna see these animals out there all the really tasty. Then we have to manage for him. You know, we have to we have to do. We can't do and use commonsense approach to to manage wildlife. And if we have an issue where we have an overabundance of feral horses. Then then we gotta do something. We can't we can't just sit back and make decisions based on emotions. We gotta make decisions based on good sound management and biology and science. I asked the question which science. Yeah, they have science that claims that they could have six million horses all up on the Apache stickers and everybody would be out. Well, that's what I'm talking about in. You know on that note of what you can cherry pick the data all you want. But, but if you talk to a rancher or well, he talked to Arizona game and fish or some of these folks that are just they'll tell you. Hey, you know, it's it is a problem. Big knowledge at the problem there, you know, and a lot of people know this. So that's I guess when I say science, that's what I'm talking about. We is we we've got to acknowledge the fact that there is a problem, you have they should have the feral horses should have the same standards of operation as cattle due for the ranchers, you have a u M'S your allotted X, and they have to be moved from pasture to pasture in order for habitat to thrive period end of story. Will you help me with my understanding of the Salt River sterlization program? So they go out they dart the mirrors the mayors have been darted twice. Okay sold. They're they're incapable of conception. But they come into heat every twenty seven days, that's the theory going forward. Now that all the mirrors have been darted. There's the there's some question as to whether or not they will come into season twenty. Thank you. It's called freshening whatever you want. With the wind making that sounds like a good way to get kicked in the head. It does happen. We'll see what happens. It's going to be interesting. If if the which I think is the drug that they used on the on the on the mayor's. I mean, they have a really good handle on how many mayors are they know them all by name. The problem. I understand it. But you have to have documentation, and they're they'll keep an eye on. If they go into -freshing every twenty eight days that will drive the herd nuts because it'll be constant turmoil for both the mayor's as well as the stallions. I do the same thing I'm going deer hunting. I'm going after Bambi daddy named Louis. Okay. Oh, boy, rather whole. Yeah. This we're can't go down that way. Again. Sterilization program sponsored by a Winchester Hornets in Ruger. Here we go. No. Yep. Here we go that is a whole different university solve over her. Can hey, that's the only one that was created by state legislation. So you deal with the state legislators in their absolute incredible stupidity. Time. I surely it's called elections. They'll be dealt with and the federal government. We will make a really hard effort, as you know, to meet with the new DO d department of interior deal. Sorry, thank you of Bernhardt. And see if we can't his he he's the boss of the four service for service needs a DirecTV. Say guys who get those horses get them off landscape to the Indians. Yep. Vero Vinnie affairs, a Bill for what's a cost around up your Ranjha? How much the Costco catch a horse? I wouldn't have any idea to do it under certain guidelines is incredibly expensive. Yeah. Federal guidelines heloc. Yeah. It's incredible. And if you're doing it out of canyons, it's a lot of work. We're spending eighty ninety million dollars a year to house federal fair livestock adoptees they're not adoptable. If you've been sitting in that kind of a writ. I mean, most of those horses have been sitting in the horse hotels for the last ten years twenty years, you know, the they live and die on those on those horse hotels. We have over forty eight thousand animals that nobody wants to adopt. That's why the government's offering to pay people thousand dollars horse. Dave, you can have on your backyard up all the next. Yeah. Then you better by alpha farm because it'd be cheaper to buy now fell farm the one by the hey, by the way, hey, and everything this year the price of that stuff is way up because transporting it's expensive now. Okay. So those Saul river horse the boggles of knotted Bockel. It's a work in progress. What what you call it? Whatever you want to the left wingers were up for feeding the horses. Helen, did they feed him? What what did that cost the they took care of feeding their own horses last year customer eighty seven thousand dollars to feed them and they had to feed him because they ate everything where they were run up by Butch Jones. Yeah. Richard Jones, horses will no longer ever be there, but all the horses along the river all along the river all the way from the Goldfields all the way up through to the damn all of those horses. They there's a lot of horses in there. And they know it's an issue. We're dealing with. We're working on it. It's something that'll happen. The last year they had to pay and they've paid all through donations. They didn't know federal money state money came for those. We didn't help them haul water. Nope. No. Of course, not. Those were that were up north, and you know, they call it wanted ADA game official to haul water too damn horses. That was up in a Hebrew area. Yeah. The they're naive. They were up there naive naive, and well they're naive. They they've they're newbies into conservation. And they think we're gonna pay for their horses to be have water or go to Paducah stupid does collection of bad people. That's for darn sure. The ones that been Heaver are the are the worst. I mean, we're going down here. I can work with people down here. You can talk to them. But the people up in Heaver, they're nuts. And there are several of them. They are violent. They are anarchists. They are everything. You don't wanna see? Shooting begins where the pavement ends to that. I hope we don't see it. But I'm scared to death of what's going to happen. We've got the big game season coming coming of archdiocese end all wonder how do you think's going to happen for fifty one road? Well, I here comes Donna corley with thirty odd sixes. Hope. So I think we should have about two hundred guys all spend a weekend driving up to three three c shoot difficu- shooting stops everybody pick a mile marker and just go because they are you are going to be on camera. They have hung trail camps on specific roads to see who's coming in and out, and they're publicizing your photos of your vehicle and your face if you can't so for destroying a trail Cam that doesn't belong to that. I'm getting mischief or. Enough if it is not checked every twenty four hours, it's considered abandoned property. How do you know that? Well, that's the good question. Isn't it dotty? Trying to find my thermos jug, you know, I pour in hawk coffee L yet hawk hot coffee out. More cold limited. Get cold women ate out. No, I don't know. Really? All right. That's gonna flip into a break. Come back at this thing wrapped up and get on with the day. I'm McDowell Kevin Dave corley, Sears happy mother's day to all the moms will stated thank you. We'll be back..

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