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I'd love for you to share them with us I'm particularly interested in. any reports you've got about E. H. D. because the conditions for remain unfortunately. perfect if you will. this type of hot dry weather creates a reseeding mudflat around small lakes and in our streams in the that mucky type of mud is the perfect breeding ground for these images that carry E. H. D. N. S. most to you are aware we've had reports of it. the end gosh better and half the calories Despoina around the state and continued to hear from folks that are. finding dear so if you're one of them I would love to hear from you I will try to keep this is a breast of this is that Kim it's been a little difficult to get the information because it's a dagger are hard a lot of folks quite frankly aren't incentive has to get out and look around and I can certainly understand that hi I have made some. effort and I have found dead deer in the. tions are Jefferson an old candy and have a lot of friends that are found dead deer in in carries around the region of me then and brokerage have been hit hard in the I made some announcements by about those two careless here while back in the it's continued to. spread it it's an oddity to me with the conditions being this conducive that they are as they are there hasn't been worse than it's been and I'm grateful for that but so many folks probably have properties that you're managing your own that where you have had a significant dials it again my suggestion there if that is happening to you is being very conservative in your harvest of deer off your properties this year it takes. pretty good while for dear to bounce back from a significant E. H. D. doubts you know we went through that. years ago and yet this past year we went through in portions of east Kentucky where there's very significant dial it in those areas where it was. pretty pervasive in those candies you're looking at a three to five year bill back to where you work. of. it's it's a. slow process unfortunately in as most of you are aware. a five year old dear or not the most common fifty out there if there was we bid up to our ears in in giant Bucks in the. actually make it five years of age here in most of our carries. pretty magnificent animals but. lots of don't make it that far early mortality highway mortality diseases broken Liam's. there's just all kind of things that that can be fall. wow deer in nature and they certainly run a pretty big goblet when you get down to it and these. breaks of E. H. D. year or one of the most noticeable. things that will tell you when dear in trouble so would love to hear from me about that again the numbers five seven one eighty four eighty four or one eight hundred four four four eighty four eighty four a gentleman called in while we were on break you wanted me to repeat. what I was saying about aid you'll rack grass or serial rye grass which is probably the most beneficial he was want to know more about it when the plane it's time to plan it. normally would be you know early in the fall in in late August or early September however because of its. rapid growth rate in because. it can..

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