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Get help and and we had make some changes on the crisis response team volunteers of america have been a big part of what we're doing a st tammany but we have education going on and sainteanne with our what are all of our police departments they usually the first one in contact with individuals as struggle with with suicide in attempted suicide mental health issues and trying to make the right decision a direct does individuals whether they go to a program and get help whether they go get help at a at a hospital get transported to to hospitals some cases they get transported a jail so the court systems now involved uh there's so much good as happening that now it seems like a programmes beyond bill that can address all the needs we still had over 40 suicides and say tally murders last year and when i am when we started this in two thousand ten we were in at thirty eight to forty two range and we continue to be in at that average of forty a year which we think is too many with a population of two hundred fifty plus thousand people in st tammany so we still have a lotta a lot of work to do but nine united way i have to tell you i'm proud of they took embraced suicide mental health in st tammany parish made it a priority and truly made an impasse act the vets we have on the sabbath in the thirty first of july we want to put awareness out there we want people to get involved you don't have to look for most families can relate to someone in their family that may have had struggles with mental health uh or if the worst case would be actually someone following through and committing suicide so let's try to come together we always say it's okay to talk about that was a catch free as davis brought to the table we still use from that crisis task force we decided used to one one via link as the the the crisis response blocked the phone number so people would not forget it to oman's easy to remember united nine away still supports that agency financial healy however you know we still have to look at the call volumes today call volumes continue to rise population is growing and of course.

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