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I am here with my favorite people on earth. And yes that is not a word, but I did want to tell you guys that I have miles the master of all mortgages, join us this morning. Thank you. I'm glad to be here. We have Tiffany McFarland. The crusher of all real estate is here with me today. My beautiful incredibly intelligent co. How are you? Good. Good morning, everyone guys. We are back in two thousand nineteen be successfully came through eighteen with just with leaps and bounds here in the real estate business. We I don't know if you guys know this. It is a staggering numbers of what our real estate market is done in two thousand did in two thousand eighteen. So check us out in two thousand eighteen the real estate market jumped a staggering one point nine trillion dollars. Yes. That is with a t miles. I respect that. You're you know, money, right? That's huge big number. Right. So we brought it up to a total of thirty three point three trillion in the value. Now since two thousand twelve it has climbed substantial has grown six point two percent. Just just in the last year rose six point two percent. And those numbers are only going to keep going hopefully, cross fingers toes eyes. And eyebrows eyebrows eyebrow. Out of the okay in in the US. Well, I was actually here in California are value has jumped three point seven trains in February of two thousand and twelve no other state has grown over a trillion dollars. No other state. So it's really kind of interesting in four out of the ten most valuable markets in California are in the country are here in California. Los Angeles grew for five point two percent, which is two point nine trillion. San francisco. Grew up nine point three percent, which is one point six trillion. San Jose grew ten point four percent, which is basically eight hundred billion. And then San Diego's up three point four percent, which is basically about six hundred seventy three billion dollars is the word. We're doing great California. In the hall is values are average value here in California's five hundred forty seven thousand nine hundred dollars last year. We saw five point six percent increase projected jump a little bit more about seven point six percent in California. But let's get granular. But that I going to say something real quick. So I was in Florida over the holidays, and it's crazy because our average price in California is almost five hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Whatever you go to Florida five hundred and fifty thousand dollars, basically by your mansion. County county crazy. I mean, it is hot and humid. And there are alligators. Thanks and snapping turtles there Anaconda bull sharks. Everything kill you, fun stuff. So, you know, you definitely pay for the weather out here. Do. But it's crazy to just, you know, see the the difference in the different markets throughout. It's insane. Yeah. Let's check this out guys. Let's let's get. Let's get down home in all up in our stuff. You're about giving counties. Let's talk about sonoma's county really quickly. So normal county are value. The average price there is six hundred thirty eight thousand three hundred dollars slashed on appreciation rate of three point eight percent. The good news for sonoma's county. Is that next year? They're they're projected jump six point nine percent. So a phenomenal jump in regards to Sonoma County as a whole. So Santa Rosa, you know, it's interesting we're talking about pricing here. Santa Rosa, the average value is five hundred eighty five thousand dollars. Wow. And it went up five point one percent in two thousand eighteen but it's projected to go even higher at seven point nine percent nineteen. It's amazing. We'll get this hills Berg, so the medium home value in Healdsburg is a little over nine hundred thousand dollars just within the last year like in twenty eighteen it had gone up twelve point eight percent at a jump, man. And then what it's predicted to do over this next year is rise. Another five point one percent. You know, I was actually in Healdsburg a couple of weeks ago with my girl, we're doing some wine tasting I got all boozy got up there. And. I got totally I'm tainted for life. When it comes to wine to love love your. I love the ban. Anyway. Okay. San Mateo county. Let's jump down south really quickly. There's talk about values their land in their average price. There is one million three hundred eighty two thousand four hundred dollars. So quite a difference. But again, the different regions of the bay area are gonna come in different prices last year this on nine point seven percent increase and their projected to six point two percent. So little slowing overall. But I still think they're on a good track. The peninsula is hot Redwood City itself the values average around one point six seven five million up nine point five percent last year. Thank you tech. All right. The average projected value to go up is is gonna stay at that. Six point two percent. Is this strange kind cool other works out? Yeah. It's interesting. Sam Brenno actually in San berno has a lot of opportunity with commercial development. So the medium home value in San Bruno is one million one hundred and fifty thousand dollars healthy price could help your price price within the last year in two thousand eighteen it did go up about thirteen point nine percent. So again, pretty big it's a big jump it. So it's interesting to look at the cities within the county is on how how the macro and the micro how they all have their all shifting individually. Right. And you and you know, you'll kind of notice to they within this next year and between nineteen they're still going up. But definitely not as much Sam Brennan, for example, predicted to go up about five point two percent this year. Okay. So we're still climbing. We're not going anywhere negative at all. Santa Clara county guys average prices one million two hundred ninety two thousand three hundred thirteen point two percent, jump, and they're almost gonna be par for the course of the predictions are correct. For next year's gonna be thirteen point seven percents. So Sam Santa Clara is really at a nice clip. We'll see if they can continue it. The train continues in the south bay was Silicon Valley Los Gallos, for instance, the average value in Los Gatos is two million sixteen thousand dollars. Wow. That wind up eight point four percent. Oh, by the way, that's for a one bedroom. Yeah. Really? Well, I think the area's just hot it projected to go up another nine percent this year. Wow. Yeah. I know that the low Scotus views. I think are pretty stellar. They really are they're beautiful beautiful beautiful part of the bay in Milpitas. This also has a lot of opportunity for commercial growth. So usually that brings you know, more opportunity for residential the medium home value in Milpitas is one million one hundred twenty one thousand dollars and over the last year in two thousand eighteen did go up about thirteen point seven percent. And then get this in twenty nineteen. It's projected to go up sixteen point seven percent. That's it. You heard it here. Go by Milpitas, make money. Yeah. Really if you want to rent out or whatnot. Yeah. Sixteen point seven percent supposed to increase with over in two thousand nineteen that I love these numbers that we're hearing. What's look at one more county wanna look at Kamar, home county, contra Costa county, our average value. There is six hundred twenty three thousand nine hundred dollars. So about six hundred twenty four thousand dollars last year. We saw solid six percent growth projected to you a seven point five. So we're going to be Ekin up just a little bit there. But you know, what the county is so diverse everywhere else. I mean, you have multimillions, and then you have two to three hundred thousand dollar properties. So it's really good to see this this growth. I totally agree. I want to go to my hometown, walnut creek, California. It's still a bargain. The average value over there is eight hundred seventy eight thousand dollars it went up two point seven percent last year. But it's projected to go up six point three probably because of the downtown, it's beautiful. Let's gelati construction company each part in that. The down boardwalk. I think is what they call it. Walnut creek. The new apple store. Yeah. Literally across the street, which is interesting. And then also Antioch, which I actually have a few buyers looking in Antioch right now. They're medium home value is four hundred forty thousand dollars a little more affordable. Then they actually in two thousand eighteen they saw a six point one percent increase. And then get this another high one I'm in twenty nine thousand nine they are projected to have a thirteen point five percent increase in their valleys. Dang. I now see that because Bart was just opened out here. Yeah. And a lot more people have access to bigger cities like Oakland. That's a good thing. I mean, they've been building nothing for years, and it's going to bring so many people a peace of mind to ride the Bardon versus fighting traffic. No more road rage in the rest of that stuff. Well, and you know, sometimes people don't if they want to afford a home they also can't afford, maybe a car payment. So the bar allows them the opportunity to still get to work by commuting. Do you know what I wanna do before we get miles? We get your mortgage minute really quickly. Your those electric bikes are bikes or scooters. They have all over the city here. Yeah. I swear to God if they bring those students to walnut creek, I will never drive my car again. Hijack a scooter inches ride that thing it's ridiculous. Six point four man on a scooter watch out, everybody's five-man don't coming up with the news miles. Give us some mortgage information, my friend. Okay. This is miles with you're the master of all things mortgage with your mortgage minute. Stocks ended the week higher after tumultuous week this week of volatility is something we can continue to expect as market tries to get a footing on where the market is going fed chairman Jerome Powell said the fed would be flexible with rate hikes in two thousand nineteen which could be good news as a fed announced a couple of weeks ago that two hikes were already planned. Also, the bureau of labor statistics reported that there were three hundred twelve thousand jobs created in the month of December much stronger than the one hundred eighty thousand expected this along with the fed announcement prompted the huge gains in the stock market on Friday. This week is relatively slow economic week with not much more that can help rate. So I recommend locking any loans that's upcoming week. That is your mortgage minute with what is a lock really quickly. So a lock basically locks your interest rate for. Thirty days twenty one days in if the market fluctuates starts to go higher throughout the week throughout the month. You're protected with that interest rate. All right, guys. You heard it here miles, a master of all mortgages, just laid down the good knowledge, Tiffany, my beautiful co host, and I will be back. This is real estate radio talk. Come on back all your real estate questions answered for free. No an ad from dad. All right..

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