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The aggregate behavior of lots and lots of into connecticut neurons exploited neural tissue inequality to be different way that yields to these kind of analyses. We're talking about okay and so it and again. It's just a bet that if we're going to get to the kinds of representations important cognition just like we're getting real traction from motor cortex and hippocampus using population of approaches. That's going to be what yields the special source for ignition. It would be very hard to think that when you go from m one to promote cortex prefrontal cortex you suddenly become sharing tony and again right. It would be very strange. And if you look at Mark recent work on sm versus motor. Cortex is actually very interesting that he has to invoke representation for the sama where he subjects it to the same kind of analysis because you actually have to represent the order that you're going through it action. That is more important in motor cortex. So i would say that. He's showing that this extra piece of representations the order of the coming sequence is present in ece and is not present. Name one an and so you've got a lovely juncture between a representational population analysis and am one and a a non representational announces them one at a reputational level analysis and some trajectories at a very jewish building. May so it's not that you take from thirty thousand feet is just saying that when you get into cortex it seems like this approach is yielding a lot of fruit. That is not happening if you try and save neuron as connect your own be is connected junior on c. and kind of intuit the computations in representations by following the sequential transmission of information specific connections. Just doesn't work. not only does it not work. It gives us insight into why even half cortex he'll why don't we just have these series of cereal. Transformations what what. Why do we need this complex prefrontal critical zoo with all these. You know bizarre. A menagerie of neural responses. And i think it's because the functions that That prefrontal cortex cortex..

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