ABC, Puerto Rico, CDC discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


The Corona virus pandemic. Shutting down public ahead of the storm's arrival. ABC senior meteorologist Rob Marciano tense negotiations on Capitol Hill after that, $600 weeks expanded unemployment benefit for some 30 million jobless Americans expired on Friday without a new DEA. Millions of unemployed Americans anxiously waiting for Congress to act on another round of Corona virus stimulus. You have An obligation to the American people to not just leave us out to dry defend for ourselves. Both Justin Kurata and his pregnant wife were laid off, unsure how to get by. Without those $600 weekly federal checks. We're gonna have to start choosing what's going to get paid. What's not going to get Democrats and administration officials leaving Capitol Hill today with No deal. ABC is Andrew Dim Burt on the Corona virus deaths rising in 35 states and Puerto Rico, while California has a milestone, half a 1,000,000 infections, the first state in the union. With that many cases, along with 219 lives lost and counting. And there are more grim predictions from the CDC. The CDC now predicting nearly 30,000 more Americans could be killed in the next three weeks. 35 states in Puerto Rico are now battling rising daily death counts, including Florida Another day with more than 9000 cases. ABC Trevor all Microsoft and talks to buy TIC TAC amid national security and censorship concerns your listening to ABC News and I Hard Radio Station News, 93.1 KFBK. Nearly 1000 people in California are being told to evacuate their homes after the Apple fire continues to grow in size at least three structures, including one home Have been destroyed. The fire began yesterday afternoon. Your Cherry Valley, which is about 40 miles east of Riverside, the military still searching for eight service members after their landing craft went down off San Clemente Island. Boats and helicopters are looking for seven Marines and a Navy corpsman over a 200 square mile area after their 26 ton vehicle, saying completely more than 3200 feet offshore. San Francisco police are investigating the theft of 100 laptop computers from a school earlier this week. Officials at ST Thomas the apostle on Bubble a street say the laptops were meant for students who don't have their own computers for distance learning. The thief got in through a bathroom window around 1 a.m. Tuesday and then spent several hours inside. I'm Royale Balon. Checking KFBK traffic Woodland South found five The Vietnam Veterans rest area remained shut down. You have landscape work, and that's not set to complete until about December 1st eastbound on the Cap.

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