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A lethal injection like Timothy McVeigh but we were apparently we don't do that limited so I still look back and then I see if there was ever a time you could do that the the the year or two after nine eleven what about the time that you could tell the guy yeah sorry you're gonna be on trial for treason end and aim comfort to the enemy and and all that so anyway Colin check mama sat there for similar since he was grabbed in that famous Rosie o'donnell picture it but just a tie some of the loose ends together all all remind you of how far back he goes and what exactly how long he's been a war with the United States and why this is important though it's gonna be like trying Hermann Goering I mean literally if so it would be like trying Hermann Goring in nineteen sixty five can you imagine that like opposite Star Trek the first run of Star Trek or you want to watch the highlights of the Herman during trial but recurring was tried and committed suicide all those guys did within months or years just a year or so of the conclusion of World War two in Europe and then some of the Japanese are war criminals so that so what the but this is the thing we're not calling cultured mom in a war criminal he is he he's in it's going to be a military tribunal but anyway something is happening is unfolding right now if you haven't heard about this there was an earthquake in Puerto Rico early I guess was it over night was the last time Michael should pay I just heard that it was a five three or some like that that may look into that yeah yeah maybe it was early morning our time well if if if you haven't been watching the news today in and you are excused because of course prince Harry well I'm sorry again conference here in well you can't you can't I cannot column the Duke of Sussex serve account of sex the V. were whatever I thought they did state it was a five point two magnitude barely I thought they did see Royal Highness moniker but I'm not sure if he still yeah I know he still that he stole that so boy I wonder how many close friends he's gonna keep now they can column your Royal Highness Hey good luck yeah so that suck the oxygen out of everybody CNN and MSNBC well if you didn't hear about this a group of Porter Rican earthquake victims early this morning this one broke into a storage facility and found tons of supplies that were meant for hurricane Maria more than two years ago so all the water food tarps new clothes jacket so the big bads albeit **** tense all this the people are living out the rain you know under garbage bags and they found all the supplies that got there and we're never distributed and they don't know who to blame but right now the governor is one that I don't see how she was the justice secretary during Maria I'm so the update there is that people importer Rico I have had the day to to spread the word about this and get pissed off so as we speak there's a crowd of demonstrators making their way to the governor's mansion in San Juan Puerto Rico to force her to resign tonight and so we we don't know what the what what what else is gonna happen was fired somebody yourself or is this you should get to the bottom of that and this is her I guess Carlos Acevedo gone ends so in simply put my computer real quick I don't know I I know that she speaks English I remember her on interviews from CNN but this is something she released one hour ago.

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