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Dot com ohio state nice win of ugly like the broadcasters are like your jt live state in the could the scored on lunar points i think they're right you just have his way with unlv did they make any moves national polls weather down one in the eight people eleven flatly coaches pole at ninth pious rank team of awesome both polls so everybody above them is undefeated to this point nfl saw the steelers losing ot brown's of course lost eagles beating the giants which may be is not such a big deal here but i love the rookie kicker j elliot he won the game for the eagles with a sixty one yard field goal as time ran out asserts pressure it's long and boom notched it bengals lusteneau t as well to the packers tonight if you care and a lot of people say they don't cowboys cardinals 830 that's on e s p and a lot of people don't care i guess because of all the protests about 200 nfl players across the league protested while the national anthem played a gains yesterday that according to the associated press count president trump criticized players who neil during the anthem his calls for their firing and for an nfl boycott only six players had protested a week earlier continuing what begun a year ago when former san francisco forty nine er quarterback colin kaepernick refused to stand during the anthem in protest of racial inequality and lease brutality during a campaign rally friday for alabama senate race the president said when you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag you'd say it that sob off the field right now out he's fired trump then sent out repeated tweets about the issue on saturday and sunday including say that protesting players were disrespecting the country that owners should make the players stay and and that if fans stopped going to games because of the protest quote you'll see that change fast he also retreated a graphic calling for an nfl boycott.

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