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Four three. No that's wrong all right. You're the judge tells us she did she write. She could've done better answer better. But we'RE GONNA go with number one. And what is thirteenth squared? She did get the correct answer. Which is on sixty nine. Calculator was open her phone. But Hey what can you do? All right what state did Kobe go to high school in? Her answer was California. We're going to have to go. Boo Radley is actually Pennsylvania. He went to Lower Merion high school. Okay what was the one recipe we gave out? It was for Bacon wrapped chicken. Bacon wrapped chicken. What she said Spivey special. We'll give we're going to give you that point. It is just ruling judge's ruling so number four. What state has the Planet has the most gravity. She didn't give an answer on that one. Do you WanNa throw a guest right now named planet that has the most gravity gravity. Yeah Troy doesn't Count Mars. No the answer is actually going to be Jupiter. How many hearts says an octopus have she said to? The answer is three. How many times did you seen fighting finding dory come on all right? What's the recipe for a spivey? Specials heard are commercial in each episode. You did get to the two ingredients so we're going to give you the point. But it's one part mountain dew in three to four parts. Burnett's watermelon vodka. I feel like you guys don't measure every time that's why it's three to four. Who are who are two of the three people we told you to follow on twitter? Your answer was no Three people were US cookie monster in OJ or the three that we told you guys to follow Question Number Eight. What is CECCHI cheeses full name? You said Charles each cheese that is not it your clothes. It's Charles Entertainment Cheese Charles entertainment cheese. What number nine number nine? What is the the number one song of Nineteen ninety-six? You did get this right. It was the macarena but not only the Macarena. It was the which versions act. I don't even remember sort of weird rematch Tayside. You got it right. And then what is the name of the talking rockwall on legends of the Hidden Temple? And you said Olmec and that is correct so you got you got five right so you didn't win the prize so we're going to take that completely no you did you did. You did a really good job as the first time ever on the contest prize is GonNa roll over so we're going to have another live show. A couple of weeks were into another contest. Some sort of pick our contestant but steph did a great job fifty percent of the time you get them wrong every time so great job today on the Spivey Special Trivia game thanks guy. Hey thanks steph. Rent got zero. You know what I'm feeling generous. We're still gonNA give you the Eight by eleven. Signed pitcher because you know that was the most expensive thing in the prize fact so congratulations. You're partying gift is the eight by eleven sign. Pitcher will even a frame for you. Are I think we got? We're going to kind of open it up you guys. We're going to bring we're going to be bringing back. Ask A spivey you've got questions. We've got man boobs directly from our listeners. We bring you ask Spivey or we'll be asking to Take questions from you. You can either type question down in the chat. Or if you'd like to call in Tyler golding click in the call button. Let's hear it. Yeah we're open to answer any questions. Just if you're GONNA call in just like Steph. Please don't use any profanity just because we're in a certain demographic or if we do plus they will take down our live show correct so. Vinnie of the fourteen people currently listening. WanNa give out a question. Anything you want. Just let her fly. Okay first question's from Friday kind of guy if you guys had to do a bro date. What would you guys go together do together? You know there's a lot of things that we would do For one we'd go to eat somewhere. Yeah we probably eat and then maybe drink and then probably eat more might go to. Oh you're we probably wouldn't go sun-splashed we've done this before we go to in and out. I saw many in and out and then walk. Oh girl double animal style with Animal. Style fries and a milkshake. 'cause it's date and there is no wife. They're not judge mental. We each got a wrap with lettuce girls And then we go over. We play photo hunt over and suns by. We'd be the only adults actually playing the Games but photo hunt it sons. Flash which is an arcade around where we live. If you're not from around here is probably what we would do. And we would be number one because we won't stop till we got there. Maybe some mini golf maybe some laser tag which shoot a bunch eight year old kids. Yeah we just don't want to get to the third day that's the reason why we're not gonNA have a good first or second. Just KINDA GETS WEIRD WITH LIKE HIGH. Fives and stuff are using video Scotney questions you want to call in Tyler. You'RE GONNA call in Syria. A call in on that road trip back home. We can have Stephanie. Call in and get some questions wrong again. You did so good stuff we have got. Call in Tyler. Allen Wentworth golding. You're on two boys how you doing that really. We're really proud of you to get into the live show this. It's an honor and I've already abso- headset so mcelwain. I Apologize Mall. We only made one of our mics of the to work. So we did. We're doing great question for you guys. Since you guys are both someone new fathers What is the biggest astrology guys have with being a parent and then lost it? What is the greatest joy? The my biggest struggle right now is Sarah's been gone since Wednesday afternoon. I'm exhausted I'll tell you all you stay at home moms. I tip my Cap Tail. You single parents. You guys are all awesome He's only thirteen months as a handful. Doesn't stop and I mean the greatest joy just seeing him smile and run to. You can't talk yet but it's pretty cool pretty cool. I think the the biggest adjustment early on is the sleep thing but net net. This point I can get like three hours of sleep and I feel golden about it I think the struggle right now is probably Harper. The more of a Personality she gets the more aggressive about the thing she wants to do. Is she'll throw like the biggest fits of ever seen anyone throw ever troy included. Yeah when I'm hungry I get kind of cranky so I understand where you're going with that I think being a it's just hard. It's Kinda like Brent. Just said he has a puppy It's the same thing it's until they can start talking. It's like okay. You're crying There's only a few things. I think are wrong so I'm GONNA give it my go but it's I don't know I think you learn every day you get better every day and no parents perfect and sometimes you feel that way. Sometimes it feel like you're doing a great job and then something happens. You feel like you're not but as long as they're breathing in the morning and you know you pretty good job my opinion as long as you don't scar him for life than you're doing it Biggest joy though like whenever I come home from work. And they're both they're they're spoiled super pump to see me every day. Every Monday I get to spend the day with them just the two of them in me and we have a good time doing that. That's where I look forward to every week is is that Harper Daddy Lucas Day. No they are not twins. Yeah I have a one year old son in a four year old daughter. Yeah we have those people that don't know us. We have a one year olds. That are five weeks apart. Yeah and then. He has an older daughter who is four any other questions. Thank you tyler. If you have another one you're still on. You're more than welcome to fire. Can we ask you a question like that please you? Are you still on? Can you hear me? Yeah yeah absolutely please do. What's the deal the cowboys. What are they doing this year? Michael Garth maybe that good or bad. It's very it's not Jason Gear so I that's Garret North though. I you know I'll take it seriously as long as they don't seem clapping on the sideline after back singer going to they're going to pay back. Which I know things about being a stellar idea was good young quarterback and then they have surprisingly a lot of capital. So I think it's going to be interesting off season. Coaching was our biggest problem causes at least three last year. So I'm excited very if you were going to be the one that won the Trivia CONTESTS CONTESTS WE WERE. GonNa ask you who won the super bowl the year that the eagles vines. So just in case you've ever get on there. That's going to be one of your questions answered correctly on. How many more Super Bowl wins does Eli Manning have than anyone currently on the cowboys roster? That's anymore.

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