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Said well he said and then he had the quickie the sure how long it took to get those guys outta out of the team egypt he was the one where now everyone out somewhere in the chief egypt sharon except for a dream honore right i got you and and they went back big forth because then the next thing we saw lebron james ed prayer so drowns look we mangobo so living trained barbs back and forth with teeshirts in twitter come manson easier because he was a part of a superg movies on the made the super teams than lebrun came back and said adding so he wasn't this was a 96 when they had the lakers head cobi shack gary payton and malone two thousand learning through force these and the 96 jordan was retired the ragged joined barkley lodge on indoor drexler on the same team serves and he's not the one that started i don't think he started it no obvious as we talked to talked in the past few days we realize that room ben guys on each team very rare mark is that gore read our bag boozman the big three to houghton yeah i'm gore radar back heathorn abroad robber berisha kevin mchale pairs will week though good evening who couldn't play until he got good right but uh you're gonna have a unique three won't do to win a title emily you just have to suffered two thousand eleven so i think max color made a good point on i take he said the lubrani's the first player to assemble a superteam instead of a general manager booker here i thought there was a good point that's a that's a good way to separate the problem with the comment he made though the good point max without sooner next to him i would have sir do you think players don't talk to general managers larry it's always player driven you think they don't say oh a save jay z the general manager ryan i'll be like you know what you do those get.

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