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Press tour. Look all of that aside. There is something i wanted to discuss with you. You've sent me your home address. And i thought what a wonderful little sign of trust that jared has kind of just shared this with mary We've never met. And suddenly i have his home address for all he knows. This podcast is kind of set up for you know to bring in victims. You know. I get people's addresses and they go missing that kind of thing but i i sort of wondering why the address. It's it's maybe a six hour drive from my mansion to your mansion thought altitudes a change in altitude alone nosebleeds. I figured i'll drive to his house. And i start heading up the mountain. Suddenly just blood gushing shirt ruined going to have to have the car reupholstered. But i get to your house and you've left some kind of cryptic instructions and it's look in the little black mailbox near the flamingo. And i think okay now okay. so now. We've got a situation. Because jared basically asking me to commit a felony to steal male but you had shown this little bit of trust by giving me your address. I thought i'll trust jared. I'm gonna dig around in his mail now. Did and i found a little package in their jared. This podcast is called. I said no gifts. Everyone knows that everyone loves it. Everyone's begging for more and so the The rule is right there in the title. And so i'm going to just ask you. Is this a gift for me. I know you said no gifts but it would be rude of me to come onto your podcast empty-handed and i also want to know that my personal phone number was accessible through my instagram until about two weeks ago when someone made me aware that is so. I removed burt that that is completely drew. I have never been precious about my personal safety my privacy i mean i'm gonna dime podcast right now wait. How was your phone number available through instagram. I was when i set up instagram in nineteen ninety-three setup. You mean launched the company. When i birthed the idea of facebook with with less words i thought i was just like giving it to the company i was like. They're like what's your phone number. And i was like again like sure blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and. Then never thought of it once ever again like i. i'm really. I'm i am not very internet savvy or like like on the internet. I've never been. I've always been like. I had like an end. Sixty four when everyone had like a ps two always been behind. I still i use apple music. I'm getting vulnerable now. He's apple music. I don't use spotify. There are a few people in my life who use apple music. And i'm it look good service. I imagine i'm not on apple music on spotify so when i create a playlist or something. I'm begging them. Please sign up for spotify. Want to share this with you. It's my little thing but you know it's kind of a it is a Nintendo sony what are some of these great rivalries. You know it tells you a little bit about the person. Look what are we talking about. Shy open the skift you should do. I have a podcast to recommend to you. And i want you to listen very carefully because this isn't a very good podcast. It's called ask rana with rana and brian. It's an advice podcast. And they answer questions like what do you do. When your boyfriend's mother is poisoning you or your airbnb host dies. How do you tell your cousin. Her husband on tinder during the pandemic. These are all things that we could use hard solid answers to and rana and brian are answering them. Every tuesday rana glickman. She's incredible and bryan safi. He's also very good. Bring you a fresh advice. Podcast straight from the carriage house in marblehead massachusetts with all of the answers to life's problems big and small these two. Let's they're expert advice givers. They also have their own coffee. I'm not kidding. And it's very good so i mean even if you're not into podcast you can order their coffee. These two are fantastic. And as good as rana and brian are answering questions. They also bring in a guest every week. People like conan. O'brien lacy moseley. Ellie kemper polly tompkins. Carl tart me bridge weinberger. I was a guest on the show. If i'm not enough of a guess for you maybe we should partways. I don't know what to say at this point and the advice is funny. It's thoughtful sometimes. It's actually useful. Ask ron with ron and brian. is every tuesday. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and enjoy and you're welcome for the recommendation. I'm going to dive in here. It's in this very nice little bag. It's i will say it. i'm going to say. Is this sandwich wrap it. Is i recyclable. Plastic bag plastic. It's i've never had a recycled recyclable. Plastic bag. I guess. I need to get into that. Yeah because you're selfish it is well. It's because i'm the toxic adventure. i'm trying destroy earth. mother nature is my nemesis. And i'm gonna take her down. You're gonna get her get her. Yeah it's a nicer. I've never seen one of these bags and ziplock corp is doing a nice job while they're doing an in grad job. How satisfying is. They didn't comes with stickers. So you could sail came with it. Yes now i'll say the sticker to me looks like you can't recycle it. True or false. Okay absolute savage. Take down a ziplock company. I mean i. I assume that whoever's in charge is putting a sticker in that also is biodegradable or it might be. I don't know otherwise it's like you know one of these things you know. The it's the pride section of target for example. It's like operation doesn't actually care let's open it up. I'm gonna open it right near the mic. Trying to get a little bit of that. That sounds wonderful to me. Name really does is. Isn't it race. That is basically becomes a little purse. Exactly i like to keep my mask in there. That's creepy clean and a half a blank day craft little thing that i can't imagine anyone ever. That's a space for mommy's yeah that's exclusively for mommies and good for them okay. I'm getting in here and wait. What what is this. So i've opened. It is this gum is this. Do you have a jared goldstein. Seen gum yeah. I invented instagram and sugar. Free gum this is like it's a package of gum. But as a picture of jared it's scott all of his information on it just literally. I hope that this nicorette. Hey it's actually birth control. Okay go on i. I'm so is this something that you have created as merch it is march and but it's not all it's not just merged its merge that i really wanted to have. I don't understand how i mean. Obviously there are merchants of all types. But i've never heard of somebody. How do you get to creating your own gum..

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