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Memo about this Interesting story out of Minneapolis listen to this Jason and, Kwami their drivers for cores light Coors beer driving their truck and Saint Paul Wednesday morning they see. A man standing, on the other side of, chain link fence on. The Earl street bridge it says here I never been to. Minneapolis, but there it is it's far enough down that you. Could commit suicide from it well the man told them he. Was, planning on committing suicide they immediately pulled their truck over and started talking to them. Now the weird part about this is the men weren't. Supposed to be on that route they weren't supposed to be on, the bridge that day the one driver talks about how he accidentally made a wrong turn which actually put them in. This route on this route to actually. Speak to, the guy who's talking about jumping off the. Bridge is going to commit suicide? Driver says I, ask, him if he wanted any. Food how can I get. You down the, guy, says no, I don't want any? Food it's it's nothing to eat the. Guy said no, he said do you need money. I have my wallet in the car the guy said no No I don't I don't need any money. He said I'm not a beggar? And then he, says, how about you come down. You want to have a. Drink with me, the, driver of, the cores truck said? You want to have a drink with. Me the guy, says Yeah maybe. So the, guy comes literally down, starts having a drink, the these two guys that? Drive the cores truck the Coors beer truck ended up saving this guy and yet, another thing proving that beer brings people together. And solve problems I.

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