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Welcome back to the now we'll park has man i am uh on a world tour in la and uh i got my favorite producer in house man this man has willing to give a little backgrounds man has produced records for you biggest in you biggest orders in your favor orsmond from justin bieber selena gomez snoop drake kendrick eminem low way fifty cent mary j blige kanye west beyond say jesus christ newest sohar when you say lifestyle can really durazone by mayor jose house remain a renewed credits ran as crazy as is a man chassis heartless aka hit boy man was willing to block it appreciates who have him leaper how you doing bre don goodman hammered it'd be a fucking which were nor without doubt maso uh for those that don't know i just i just gave the the the credited his man um alf i think you be you sell yourself short or you just living in a moment or you don't understand how dope your i mean a lot of people do seda but i kind of i guess i am just living in a moment i'm always condit pushing myself like for the nfl was the next thing you know sana probably just stem from leg just see how to gang could go in of sale like being in the game uh cmo uncle in the game early enough say like his rise in just like you know him having to step out of the industry fourminute all type of lows this new laws is so off of law goes rodney be from true actually i'm with his son right now well mambo who is also producer now jv fill me i'm a he been studying under me so he gained good rufa best when a have somebody on your wing mass sewa how did you start uh wanted to get into music because i went out i remember mom grown up i everybody wants to do music but i mean i don't even know the first step of your how how to try had a starbucks her her still i i feel vigliero right now on got a like uh just cmo uncle have sent out with.

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