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Street Clinton roles. Those are in effect tomorrow. I'm Rebecca Missouri next. At nine twenty one on ten ten minutes. And now the AccuWeather forecast. The latest now for meteorologist Carl Ericson Nari, Donna keeping a very close. I intend to install the greater the first storm coming in tonight, a small one a coating to an inch of snow, but even thin coatings grief, some slippery conditions. So use caution late tonight into the Monday morning commute. This time for that snow to fall between eleven pm and three we're down to twenty nine for a low back up to thirty eight for a high on Monday with mostly cloudy skies throughout the day. Next. Storm comes in late Monday night, a more significant storm with this with snow and sleet at the onset accumulated one to three inches in the city the surrounding boroughs three to six inches north and west of two hundred eighty seven before a change over to freezing rain everywhere at least three time of over to all rain in the city during the afternoon with a high of thirty five, but it looks like temperature's remaining below freezing into a New Jersey up to the Hudson valley. We basically take that to eighty seven quarter White Plains Patterson. Hackensack Morristown on north and west looks like an ice storm taking shape for Tuesday could be a significant buildup of ice on trees and power lines. And we go through Wednesday. We settle things down the winds pick up with a high of forty four under some sunshine right now midst thirty three cloudy skies, humidity thirty-six percent wins west at eight miles per hour. Repeated the current temperature thirty-three going down to twenty nine in midtown. I'm AccuWeather meteorologist Carl Erickson on New York's weather station, ten ten win wins. News time nine thirteen. Get.

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