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Okay. Over the weekend. We heard a lot of things happening down in Venezuela. Bill Zimper is with twenty four seven news. And before we get into why it all happened. First of all Bill just review what indeed happened. Yeah. Well, we knew Saturday was going to be a big day because that was the day that the opposition. Interim president Widodo said he was going to get that aid across the border into Venezuela. They attempted to do just that the military stood firm in some cases, even setting some of the trucks carrying the eight on fire. I did not get across the bridges. And then you had clashes between protesters and the military on duty at the border of Venezuela. Several people were killed hundreds injured not only at the border with Colombia, but also at the border with Brazil where they tried to get eight across as well. But as of now that aid they say they claim that some got across. But we haven't been able to verify that right now the aid remains outside of Venezuela. And the military is standing strong in support of nNcholas Maduro. There were a little over a hundred defections, but for the most part the military is standing firm now, why is why does Venezuela not have supplies? I mean, I thought the socialist utopia was at the very least was at least gonna feed the people. What's what's going on that keeping the food from getting to the people? Well, they you know, they do provide. Some food to the people, but it's very scant. And it's because the economy offenders Waila is trashed the people there cannot afford to buy anything if it is available 'cause everything is just so expensive because of hyperinflation and the government has been cut off by other countries as well, it's tough to get a hold of supplies. And when you do it is so expensive that the average person can't afford it on like, I said, they have been providing food supplies to people sporadically, but they're very meager rations. So it's a very difficult situation. Inside Columbia, also medical supplies are almost non-existent. Now, other than the obvious reason Maduro would want to keep these supplies from getting to the people. So we can maintain control of the people other than that. What's his justification for good burning the supplies? Well, I think that he well his justification is that he said, we don't need your your aid. We're fine here in Venezuela. Although the evidence points. In the opposite direction. He says we don't need it. And we especially don't need it from the United States. Okay. And I mean, he's not worried that there's some sort of sabotage going on now. Although I wouldn't put it past them to think that that there could be something involved in that. But he his his stamps all along has been because he has accepted aid from Russia planeload of Russian eight came in his stance has been we don't want any United States involvement in the internal workings of Venezuela. That includes humanitarian aid bills them for on NewsRadio one thousand KT. Okay. Why should we care as the United States? Well, I you know, that's a good question. Because the United States has been this is this is kind of a departure for United States foreign policy where in countries like Syria and Iran and North Korea. We have said we're not interested in nation building. We are not interested in regime, change but in Venezuela. It seems to be a little bit of a different tack and it could be because they don't want. Any type of Russian or Chinese influence in this part of the world. So it could be a whole different thing when it comes to Venezuela as opposed to when you're dealing with a country halfway around the world. Are there countries neighbouring that we also want to make sure they remain stable like Colombian Brazil? Absolutely. And I think that Colombia is a is a big ally of the United States as his Brazil with our new president. Who is really they call them the Trump of the tropics models himself after President Trump. So the United States would like to see those countries remain stable. I'm not sure Venezuela is a threat to those countries. But I think that more likely as the United States wants to keep Russia and China from getting more of a foothold in that part of the world where Russia and China or both backers of nNcholas Maduro makes sense bills Zimper. Alright NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. Thank you for that updates. And I hope there's no more bloodshed down there, and that we can work something out. No, more cow tipping t shirts say innocent. So in four minutes. Newsradio one thousand Katie. Okay. Don't.

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