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Now we're on our beautiful new studio space thank you to our patriots reporters for this the space here in los angeles we finally got this table and ryan salt for the first time today he walked in here he goes oh my god i think we're legit yeah we haven't we haven't actual shares i can't wait to or our patrons are patronage is patriot would patrons all right are you patronizing them i cannot wait to give them a tour of the space they're gonna love it yeah we'll do we'll do video tour we got a couple small things we need to button up first and eventually we're going to video version of the podcast as well so you can subscribe to our youtube channel over it youtube dot com slash the minimalists and we will do a video version of this once we have enough patriot supporters for that i really felt like we've so this is episode one twenty eight i feel like we've we've really hit a stride since episode of one hundred for me but especially in the last few episodes i was going back this weekend and alyssum listening so you feel like you know what you're doing i still don't i still feel i don't know what i'm doing i don't know that i know what i'm doing i i one of us is confident in this podcast i feel really good about the conversations that you and i have had so we did a episode on quality recently it was up upset one twenty six loved that episode one twenty three with paul johnson the hobbies podcast which we caught it hobbies and we talked about hobbies but you really could've called that one creativity it was really about creating in a way that's one of my favorite conversations we've ever had and it was crazy long podcast but we had the most meaningful conversation just sitting here with paul from canyon city and and just talking about about what it meant to produce.

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