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Evacuated the station for about half an hour due to a threat during today's afternoon commute trains are on the move once again a rare Republican speaking out against president trump his potentially impeachable actions Mitt Romney says he found the White House account of president trump's call with the U. cranium leader disturbing my reaction was the same as I had a few days ago which is this remains deeply troubling speaking at the U. N. today president trump says the did the diplomacy conducted this week is being overshadowed by talk of impeachment he says instead of covering those topics journalists choose to waste our time covering nonsense a jury today founded this planes man guilty of a hate crime for criticizing a woman who was wearing a shirt emblazoned with the design of the Porter Rican flag sixty three year old Timothy tribe is wept when the verdict was announced he faces up to five years in prison but probation is also an option and now WGN sports here's mark Harmon a bunch of bears not practicing as they get ready for the Vikings Akeem hex any payroll Taylor Gabriel all sitting out in some new injuries as well coral Patterson is a triceps injury Roy Roberts in here is as the glue injury they were limited in practice today as was any Jackson limited with shoulder there's of course looking for their third win against Minnesota this coming Sunday that the three twenty five kick up Hampel being because run at six thirty Blackhawks home tonight there last preseason game and then it's off to Boston for their final road preseason game and then prog a week from Friday against the Philadelphia flyers baseball tonight cubs in the pirates cubs trying to avoid elimination the white Sox home with Cleveland trying to spoil the Indians playoff bid mark Carman WGN sports your money traffic and weather next on WGN join us at ten.

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