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But I found was very sincere practitioners who are very obviously working in this way as mediums because they were called to do so and they were looking to provide healing and just a link between this world and the next in order to create a healing and they weren't making tons of money on it and I I found the exception was the the fraudulent or the the untrustworthy that list that's been very very rare in my experience who I've met I've met a lot of very sincere practitioners you know there are scam artists in banking and government and journalism and just about every other profession there is too so and I spiritualism would not be alone in that I'm AT and I met that is again a good way I mean you that you know you men's are flawed so just because there have been some bad ones doesn't mean all of them are bad your your book as a forward by Dan Aykroyd who describes himself as a fourth generation spiritualists he called your book a standard for all ghost hunters and students of the supernatural it's pretty high praise how'd you get Dan Aykroyd to do this I actually that Dan Aykroyd in Lilydale he was there with his father Peter who wrote a wonderful book about spiritualism called history of goes and that came out in two thousand and nine so Dan and Peter and the rest of them family were in lily Dale and we happened to me and I was able to show him my photographs and it's I really am a fan of dance father's book as well so it's kind of really interesting this is to have I see my book kind of plays off of a lot of his will work that he's done and I was actually able to reproduce in the book there one of their family spirit photographs so that was really exciting you know you dedicate the book to your mother and although you say in the dedication that sh Europe make a an oblique sort of reference that she's come back many times I assume in sessions that you've had I don't remember seeing it in the text of the book itself cut it so do you want to talk about that at least a little yes I've had.

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