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Cadillac for visit Heiser dot com because today's your day three twenty traffic weather begins to Debbie laws get Devin off you can see the radar but a little bit of rain activity popping up to the north said that probably hasn't impacted things here has not quite yet I'm not seeing too many delays at this point so luckily you will be able to handle this hopefully everybody drives well in that rain but forty one north bound just keep in mind in Washington County we do have that road construction where we have some lane restrictions that's gonna be tying things up just north of highway K. two about highly D. roughly so keep that in mind also ninety four southbound south of Layton Avenue on the right an accident there and another one on a ninety four westbound at Loomis is out of traffic on the right squats are with them right now hopefully will be out of there soon but it is not in the main line which means west on ninety four for example seventeen minutes are problems from downtown highway sixteen south on forty three looking good ground zero to mark had a twelve minute ride and then on eastbound ninety four seventeen as well from highway sixteen all the way to downtown traffic and weather together on the tense under the laws against WTMJ politically Y. dot com the W. T. M. J. five day forecast tonight clear comfortable a low of fifty five degrees tomorrow chance for a morning shower highs seventy on Saturday sunny high of seventy on Sunday sunny high seventy one and on Monday mostly sunny high of seventy four degrees it's currently seventy eight Texters tense Mr Roden said that green lake that hearing ended with a hard little summer rain right now so we'll keep our eyes on in the news yesterday the common council removes funding for the police department to buy tear gas delivery systems that sort.

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