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I think you forgot all about philip. Watching his first few carries he just runs downhill can move the farm. I mean he looks like he. Looks like a prototypical veteran. Stud nfl running back. And i know it's preseason but you gotta like what you saw and you have some veteran player saying that. He's the calmest guy that they've seen in. Just bring a calming effect to the offense which is just crazy during this guy's first. Nfl action that he's the one bringing a calming presence. So it shows that the moments not going to be too big for him in. And i think it's going to really help him. Sharing the reps with melvin gordon. But what. I really like about devante. He runs downhill. But he's a guy that has the explosion to where it needs to be kicked to the outside. He can do that and still make a big play out of that but he can also work middle the field. You know royce freeman. He's really a guy who's just going to go up to the middle philip lindsey. We really saw last year. That the broncos only wanted to use them on the outside of or just mash up with with devante williams. You can do both of those things and that is going to be huge for the broncos this year and it also just shows that he can really be a bell cow back after this year..

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