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Separate knife-attacks. At the lucasville prison that left a guard severely wounded and four prisoners injured avenue, not guilty pleas. Authorities say the four couldn't defend themselves during the attack because they were handcuffed to a table. The injured guard Matthew Matthias received thirty two stab wounds and numerous internal injuries in an attack from February. He was hospitalized for weeks and has not yet returned to work. The chillicothe gazette reports prisoners Casey Pige, and Greg Ryan key are now housed in the state supermax prison in Youngstown and Ohio congressman says rising inflation rates are having an impact on working men and women Tim Ryan a Youngstown area. Democrat says this midterm is critical for people who live paycheck to paycheck, your food's gone up and your gas has gone up in your healthcare costs are going up. You're not breathing a sigh of relief, you're not comfortable. And that's really where the exile. These still is Ryan tells Fox News he would repeal Eighty-three percent of the task. What's made possible in the tax cuts and jobs act of two thousand seventeen is Ryan says that goes to the top one percent Jared. Allen NewsRadio six ten WTVN, Columbus based company thirty-one gifts is moving its distribution center to Texas. The companies announced it is to better serve markets expected to have the most growth about eight hundred people work at the Columbus distribution center. Officials say they've been given the option to relocate or take severance thirty-one gifts also announced they would be moving their headquarters sometime next year from the current location at eastern to the former Bob Evans HQ in new Albany. Triple A is warning of an increased risk of crashes as people roll back the clocks tonight. More crashes happened at dawn or dusk than any other time of day at the weekend, and these sometimes disorienting fallback Tripoli's, Kimberly schwinn, and this can lead to some tired is especially in the coming week and an increased crash risk as nighttime deriving does lead to more crashes. Schwinn says statistically, nighttime crashes. Go up in November. Over.

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