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The historical validity of Saint. Ain't Valentine is muddled to say the least but his reputation as the patron saint of lovers has far outlived any concrete facts about his identity entity. The popular version of the story focuses on Saint Valentine of Rome. One of several Valentine's who lived during the brief reign of Roman Emperor. Claudius Gotha Casse from to sixty eight to two seventy C E. The emperor had outlawed any new marriages believing that young. A young men would make more enthusiastic soldiers. If they didn't have a wife and family to worry about anyone caught performing nuptials would be put back in prison but love would have its way. Allegedly Valentine performed secret marriage ceremonies until he was arrested by. Claudius as the story goes during his imprisonment Saint Valentine healed the blind daughter of one of his judges some say that he even fell in love with her. Although there's there's no proof this part is true regardless. There was no happy ending for Valentine on February fourteenth to seventy Z.. E. He was sentenced to death according to legend Saint. Valentine wrote his last letter to the judge's Judge's daughter. It was signed from Your Valentine if this is true it would have been the very first Valentine's card. The ending of the story is far less sweet. Saint Valentine's death was three fold first. He was savagely beaten then and cruelly stoned and at last beheaded. The tail has a gruesome finale but it was preferable to the bloody rituals and erotic games of Lupercalia according to the Catholic Church as Rome gradually swayed toward Christianity. The Pagan holiday was discouraged until finally in four ninety-six e Pope glossiest. The first replaced replaced it altogether. He established February fourteenth as a feast. Day to honor Saint Valentine of Rome at least Valentine was Christian and fit into the Church's mold of the pious martyr. Even if his death was a bit gory but but while the story makes for a sweet holiday historians are still debating. Whether Valentine of Rome actually performed marriage ceremonies at all. There's no evidence besides hearsay. Most likely saint. Valentine of Rome was arrested for totally different reasons to to make matters worse. We aren't even sure that Saint Valentine was one person. He may be a composite of Valentine of Rome and one or more other. Valentine's are executed during this time period. Even the Catholic church is aware of this possible. Crossover in one thousand nine hundred sixty exte- nine Saint Valentine of Rome was removed from the church's liturgical calendar because his history is so vague but in spite of all all this imprecision. We still celebrate Valentine's Day. Why the answer may be due to yet a third Saint Valentine? Ucla Professor Henry. Kelly notes that Valentine's Day was never mentioned as a Romantic Holiday a day until the fourteenth century when medieval poet. Geoffrey chaucer penned these lines in a love poem for this was on Saint Valentine's Day when every foul coming there to choose his mate according to professor. Kelly it's very possible that chaucer was Actually referring to a different feast held in honor of Saint Valentine of Genoa. His celebration was held in early. May a much much more likely time for birds to be meeting than in February. It's likely that chaucer was simply using the Mayfield east as a setting for his love story. Inadvertently Associating Saint Valentine of Genoa with romance for all of eternity From a Pagan Festival to a sketchy story about a saint. The notion of Valentine's Day has stuck with us through the centuries. He's by the seventeen. Hundreds the practice of sending love notes was so entrenched in Western culture that an anthology was published in London. It was called the new English Valentine writer or the High Road to love for both sexes containing a complete set of Valentine's Valentine's The book offered helpful poems and other morsels. To help you. Wou- your lover setting an early precedent. For what would become a a billion dollar corporate industry today. Americans spend an estimated nine hundred thirty three million dollars on Valentine's and every year making it the second most popular holiday greeting cards after Christmas. Money can't buy you love as some some of the greeting cards are sure to say but it can buy you a tried and true way of expressing your love and you can thank the Brits for that weird winged babies staring back at you from the hallmark card. I'll in the eighteen. Hundreds during the reign of Queen Victoria Cupid. It became a popular decoration for love notes and boxes of chocolate. He was remembered as the Roman God of Desire Affection and erotic love love.

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