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Ninety six point one. Oklahoma City. six o'clock Beth Myers back in the studio with the news the state police have a new boss that's right a new head of the Oklahoma highway patrol I'm Beth Myers in the news radio one thousand Katie okay news center and a new chief of the Oklahoma highway patrol department of public safety commissioner John Sculley today promoted major Brent Sugg get to the position to replace former chief Michael Herald who resigned son became a highway patrol trooper in nineteen ninety nine before that he was an officer with the Norman police department some members of Congress tomorrow we'll hear from Oklahoma state school superintendent joy Hofmeister she will testify before a house subcommittee on the importance of school programs that help students impacted by gun violence in other adversities a sad time at the Oklahoma department of corrections the Oklahoma City woman who was shot and killed Monday by her husband who was then shot by police was an officer who worked at Oklahoma City community corrections center D. O. C. spokesman Matt Elliott tells news for that corporal Kalina Broadis was hired in July of last year when she left the army products was a dedicated loyal member of the team here at this facility and people here are broken into run DO see director Scott crow says broadest had a bright future in corrections he says she was promoted from correctional officer to corporal after less than a year two people arrested in Tulsa referred to themselves as the modern day Bonnie and Clyde US marshals say Jacob Welsh and crystal McGee robs people businesses and firearms dealers in five states and they could.

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