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Green across the board. Now, the ladies forecast from a train heating and cooling Weather Center on news radio 700 w L. Geology. Overnight, we'll see a mostly cloudy sky, the low jumping to 20 cloudy for your Saturday A high of 30 Sunday mostly Claudia High of 27. Then what Your Storm watch goes into effect of the Tri state Sunday night. It's seven running until Tuesday afternoon at one o'clock, and that's the latest forecast from your severe weather station news radio 700 WLW 25 news, the service of progressive Insurance and no o idea. They discovered numbers in Ohio nearly 4000 recoveries yesterday that raises the total number of Ohioans recovering from the virus to nearly 745,000. Also another day, where the recovery's were higher than the daily case count. Kentucky Governor Andy Bashir on Thursday announced more than 150 new covert vaccination sites that will be opening in the states soon. Six new regional sites that'll handle vaccine distribution on the larger scale, like the one of the Northern Kentucky Convention Center That's opening today, New Kroger stores that will start giving the vaccine include the one on 2 27 in Carrollton and the Crow Green Maysville, also the WalMart in Carrollton. We'll start administering the vaccine is well appointments required it all sites. The link to sign up can be found on vaccine dot ky. Not golf. I'm Jack Crumley news radio 700 wlw. Meanwhile, Governor Randy Bashir announcing yesterday the state's positivity rate declining to its lowest rate since early November, more from 700 Suzanne Duval as a 4 p.m. Friday, governor Bashir reported. Kentucky's covert positivity rate is now 6.95%, the lowest since November. 6th. He reported 1440 new cases and 42 new deaths. The total covert 19 related death toll in Kentucky is now 4253 just over 1000 people are hospitalized 277 in the ICU and 154 on a ventilator. The governor will resume his covert briefings on Monday at 4 P.m. to D. C for an update on former President Donald Trump Second impeachment trials. The Senate will be back in session tomorrow morning for what could be the last day of former President Trump's second impeachment trial. Today, his attorneys made their case to acquit and then both.

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