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Inflections that you have to have distinctly so i know like what if i do a little bit too i would. Oh am i. You were show wise ways like what what does good voice over work in detail as far as having to assume that if you get called back that means you're good enough to to work again so you know it's different. It's different for depending on. What type of voice over. You're doing like if you're doing a commercial and they call you to be your voice because your voices you know you are 'cause love they just wanna hear your voice so there's some things that you don't have to worry about you don't have to create a character but you still have you soviet. Read whatever it is that they've given you in a way that gets the whatever emotional tone that they want How does it push their product. The best way so in that respect e. You have to be ready for that if you're doing character. They're looking for actors off most of the time. Of course your being called on to be yourself. They're still looking for you to be an actor but you still get to be yourself. Which is which takes a little bit of that onus off of you but i would say if they're are looking for a character if you're talking about a cartoon or an animated feature or even a voice over for a feature film there's acting involved because you need to know how to put forth the emotion the information that they need have and i think that what trips people out bins that they think. Oh let's just. I'm just going to talk. It's gonna be fun If allowing more than it's also tiresome because if you are doing a whole feature or or something like that they may want you to lay that whole thing down one day and by the time you're done you're like that was that was really nice things and it's also very competitive too because like kinda unlike In some ways even more so than acting..

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